Gone again today.  

hascard 58M
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5/19/2006 5:57 pm
Gone again today.

All day she calls me on my cell asking for help with changing the inks on my printer because she was printing a bunch of pics. No problem there. When I go home from work she was gone already to spend the night at a hotel with one of her girlfriends. This used to be an every Sat nite deal but now includes Fri nite. She is still stuck on this making me leave thing but to tell the truth even if she said she changed her mind at this point I would have to decline. I am tired of this double lifestyle she lives. I let her have some freedom while we were together and it wasn't enough for her. I am going to seperate all my ties with her except for the children. I can't wait at this point to move into my own place. I am so ready. My next wife is going to be a very lucky lady. My wife never appreciated my oral talents.

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