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9/27/2005 3:33 pm

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Top10; I Pass

So, here I am surfin’ AdultFriendFinder and finding myself going through quite a few profiles. There always seem to be things that strike out profiles, some easier than others, but here are my TOP TEN things in a profile that knock profiles off my radar:

#10 : Really Networked
You have 589 people in your friends network, what in the hell makes me think I will be noticed at this point with that many people all vying for your attention. Skip it, too much work.

#9 : Religious
“I gotta have a god fearing, religious man who knows he is not Jesus.” OK, I guess I am gone, because a woman that into religion would rather do it with the local reverend than take the time for me. Besides, organized religion, not for me.

#8 : What else is new
“I want someone who can make me laugh, wants to go out every evening, know how to treat a lady, and looks like an Adonis” Is there such a man? I don’t think that this man exists except in the movies. So it you want Brad Pitt, I guess I will not be making the grade. Besides, does she really know what she wants? I doubt it. Her “Ideal Mate” is a fantasy and until she figures out that guys scratch their crotches, she is going to be disappointed in every guy she meets, so why should I bother being the next one.

#7 : Intellectual
“You must be bright, intelligent, witty, a good conversationalist, and knows what you want.” Well, aside from the fact that all the adjectives describe the same thing, intelligence, apparently she is not, so how would she know? And while I am intelligent, why are you asking about all the rest? Again, someone who may not know what she wants.

#6 : Vain
“I’m super, perky, bright, intelligent, beautiful, full of life, abundant with energy, sexy and so on and so on and so on…” Not possible… Excuse me… look in a mirror, or blow some air in your ear and KNOW you can’t be that good. A great self-image is fine, but there is a point where a good self image and conceited is crossed. Looks like you left it about five steps back.

#5 : Missing Information
One of the biggest red flags for me is missing information. Let’s face it, if they do not put information forward, what are we to base our selections on, trust? The information most left out is:

Orientation: So what, you are either bi- or gay. Is that a problem and should it worry you? Hell, if you are on the fence, put curious, that’s cool, and honest.

Marital Status: If blank, this means attached or married. So what? Do you think that hiding your status would help? It may in fact get you more takers, and better ones. There are guys that love dating married women, they feel it’s safer and less strings.

Body Type: (The Big One) Blank, they ARE the big one. Who cares, there are guys that are attracted to that. So why not get something. Besides, you meet someone and they do not know what to expect, you are asking for trouble.

Smoking and Drinking: Hidden, they smoke and drink. So what.

All the rest: Does it really matter what they list? It is the fact that they are not happy or uncomfortable with these attributes where missing that is the concern. Danger Will Robinson.

#4 : Anatomy Only Shot
Guys and girls, we are both in the same boat here. For me, I would much rather see a face or full body shot (clothed) than just a crotch shot or boobage pic. When these pictures are cropped that tight it says nothing about the person other than they have the equipment. Wonderful. However, a full body shot tells me TONS about a person, and not just the looks and weight. Smiling, sitting, active, posed, candid, others tell me a bit of the personality.

#3 : Missing Picture
This gets it’s own label because it says so much. The fact that they have not uploaded a picture tells me they are not happy with the way they look. They have a major self-image problem and that should raise a HUGE flag. In this age of technology where there is a digital camera with every phone, all your friends have a digital camera, or you can GET A DISPOSABLE CAMERA WITH CD PROCESSING, there is no excuse not to have a photo. And before someone says that the computer they have does not have a CD… the last mass-market PC built WITHOUT as cd was 1997. If you are using that box, you are not on the Internet.

#2 : Obvious Lies
She labels herself as average in body type, and large would have been the case. Look, ladies and gentlemen, you do realize that a lot can be gleaned for a photo? A picture, even a tight one can tell you just what the body type of the person is (although I have seen some VERY well cropped images that are next to impossible to tell). Fingers, arms, chins, and more tell mountains about the person. Also, the into of the intro and details do not match, we have a problem.

And the #1 thing that knocks profiles off my radar:

#1 ... Gold-diggers

“Has to be rich, willing to spend a lot of money, and knows how to treat a lady” Interpretation: “I want you to pay for sex, buy me lots of jewelry, wine and dine me and not expect a good lay.” These are not professional women, meaning they do not make a living on their backs, they just want to get all you got and maybe give a lay in return. MAYBE. As opposed to the real pro’s online who are honest about it, with lines like “Companion” and “Host” and such and mention being generous. There is nothing wrong with these women, it is the others that go out the door for me. If I got a million dollar, I look good. If I got a million pennies, well, maybe not so hot. Forget it, your gone.

rm_DaphneR 59F
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9/27/2005 4:33 pm

For the longest time I had no pic on my profile simply because 1. I'm married and 2. my job. Too many people in this town know me. You can find bits and peices of me on my blog now and I did finally post an eye in reponse to all the one-eye photos the guys use. I have never requested a photo from anyone without expecting to return one to them, but posting a whole photo on this site for all to see is just not for me.

BTW, I think you meant #6: Vain

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

frogger1995 40F

9/27/2005 5:25 pm

#1: Some of us aren't really meeting or even planning on meeting people in our network; there are different reasons for allowing people into your network. For Pete's sake I have people from Italy and Australia in mine! I accept invites solely so that people can see my album and I thiers:

#9: OK, I've got to know where you have seen this...on this site...hilarious!

#8: What woman doesn't want this...we don't all want Adonises...we just want someone to treat us with respect...that is what that is saying there

#7: A little harsh here, aren't we? P.S. no one wants a smart alec either

#6: You are right here. I am always turned off by men who say "I am an athletic good-looking, professional in good shape...yadda, yadda, yadda." Give me the average joe any day

#5: We are ALL with you here...especially women.

#4: Good luck getting a face shot on this site...some women do it, but as a single, straight female, I have learned that I don't have to expose my identity here to get attention. Many women know this as well. Though I do include a body shot.

#3: I don't like this either, but don't automatically assume the worst.

#2: This is all a matter of perspective...when you think of the AVERAGE in the is pretty much overweight.

#1: Never been a problem on my end...but you are the umth-hundreth man to mention this on this site....but I have to ask...why is one OK and not the other? There is the same understanding with both.

007sexy40plus 52F  
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9/27/2005 6:26 pm

aww harshaw, that was a kick for me. now honey you know you have seen my full body. and the pictures on profile can be accessed by all paying members so therefore I have to be careful. I have to crop my pics that way to conceal the identity. but that network album is open with my face and my body I have nothing to hide there, because I only allow certain people to see them, its just the public part of the site I have to mask myself. I have no idea who half of these men with no photos are, and heaven knows how many may be working for my husbands.
WE married peeps have to be careful, but I have seen some single peeps doing the same, and some single peeps need to cover their faces and their bodies, especially when they reveal too much. I feel that no matter how classy you or the photos are there should always be that imagination thing working. Always make a man work hard to see the goods, dont hand it to him on a platter.

I have seen some beautiful sexy women here(no i dont want one) but if some of them were "all" that they'd be in a magazine making money instead of here.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

rm_hotdarter 48F
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9/27/2005 6:28 pm

#11 Whiners

...and no, I do not have a face pic on here, but ask and I will usually gladly send one if I am interested in the profile. (No face pic because I stumbled across an employee the first week I was active here)


sassycutenphat 43F
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9/27/2005 6:46 pm

i think u made some good ass points child, those who don't like it probably have issues that you've mentioned.

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