Top 10: You Caught My Eye  

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9/29/2005 1:07 pm

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Top 10: You Caught My Eye

OK, so I posted a list of the top tem things that turn me off to a profile, what about the top ten things that attract me to a profile.

In some ways this is harder that the turn offs, but let’s give it a try:

#10: Heterosexual; Let’s face it, if she is not into men (and me being a man) then that pretty much knocks me out, but if she is, well, you got my eye. If is an interesting trend (or maybe it is something else) that many of the sexiest looking women seem to be looking for other women. Is this true for guys too? Women, do you see a lot of gay men in your lists?

#9: Bisexual or Bicurious: More tricky, but it is one of those male fantasies that we would love to have a woman or two at the same time. She being bisexual or bicurious allows for this fantasy and is at least an eye opener for me. If she is AND she is still lo0king for guys, even better.

#8: Attachment: If this is marked divorced, single, or widowed then I know that she is at least freer of drama than if she was married, attached or unspecified (married). I do not want drama and dealing with a spouse or boyfriend is too much drama for me. Divorced of course brings it’s own drama (the ex), but then again I am divorced, so who am I to cast aspersions.

Side Note One: How many of you have issues with an ex. Is it a common thing? Does it interfere with your life?

Side Note Two: If you are divorced, can you technically put your status down as single? How many out there are divorced and DO enter their status as single?

#7: Body Type: This is a mostly subjective rating of ones own body, and as I mentioned earlier, does tend to be a “fudge” area for many of us. But regardless, it is a factor that can catch my eye.

Side Note Three: What is the actual ranking of body type. In terms of height to weight, I have always considered the following progression as close: slim/petite, athletic, average, a little extra padding, ample, large. Is that close or do I have it wrong.

#6 Testimonials: This is actually a double edged sword, because it can knock out as well as help. The knock out aspect is the “I can’t wait to meet them” type testimonial. This tells me they do not meet very many people on the site, so why would I be different. On the other hand, solid testimonials can make we want to pursue someone all the way across the country.

#5 Filled in the Extend Questions: This is a glimpse into their life and says so much more than just height and weight. You can get a better picture of who they are and if you will click. I like reading their fantasies and see if they match up with mine or if there are way they could fit into mine. It is a great added tool for finding the right person.

#4: Distance: Simply put, if you are too far away, it is generally got going to work, Now I should temper that statement. I have traveled 1000 miles to meet someone from AdultFriendFinder, and the experience was wonderful, but not exactly what I expected. But that was ok, it was an experience I would not change again, a fond memory.

#3: Mutual Match: This is also subjective. If you have left your preferences pretty much open, then you will match her/him very well. On the other hand if you both are particular, you may have found someone that you can really connect with. Generally, one or two red “X” are not the end of the world, more than that I usually leave alone.

#2: Extra Pictures: Those four extra picture are worth a lot in my book. I love it when I see playful sexy pictures here, they are a real turn on and again let me know and see who I am looking at and potentially dating. They do not have to be anatomy shots, but sexy is great and I love them.

And the #1 thing that draws my attention:

#1: A Nice Profile Photo

It true, this is the number one thing that will draw people to your profile. I do not and in fact do not want to see anatomy shots here. I want to see a nice, fresh face, and a beautiful pair of eyes, luscious lips and attractive smile. I want to be able to picture myself with the person in the picture. If all the above are there and there is a playfulness and sexiness too, then that is a great picture. One of my friend on AdultFriendFinder recently changed her profile photo, it is so sexy, sweet and alluring, I am truly interested in her and wow, what a great shot.

sincitybrunette 57F
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9/29/2005 3:37 pm

gee...nice breakdown. Tells me alot about the person who wrote it.

sincitybrunette 57F
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9/30/2005 8:27 am

not a problem, it just tells alot about you and who draws your interest.....

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