The Thunder  

rm_harshawj 52M
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6/28/2006 12:47 pm
The Thunder

And I am having trouble seeing,
In my mind and in my heart,
I cannot get a grip on the happenstance.
And the thunder rages all around me,

So many wants and desires,
I long for strength and clarity,
But like so many things,
They are thunder raging all around me.

Comfort in a daily life,
Knowing that there is format to the day,
I am a creature of patterns,
But the thunder rages all around me.

Though a new love is near me,
It does not stop the strikes of lightning,
Dazzling me and blinding,
Still the thunder rages around me.

Just some time is all I need,
To be with my daughter and delight,
But it is taken away and out of reach,
Damn the thunder raging around me.

So I walk the rain soaked path,
Toward the cloud-break just ahead,
Maybe there where the sun streams bright,
The thunder will stop raging around me.

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