The Teaching Profession  

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The Teaching Profession

So this brings up another side issue… Where do good prostitutes learn their trade? Ever wonder about that? Is it all practice? Is there a sex manual for hookers? Is there a “School of Professional Doxy Secrets” or a “Society for Sex Practitioners”? Do the good ones start off as “Novice” sex workers, move up to “Journeyman” level (“Journeywoman” and finally become true “Professionals”? Is it all natural amativeness?

I have to wonder about that, because as good as we all think we are, there is a lot to learn. Think about the subject for a minute, sexual activity is a huge topic and it is different for everyone. This means that there are exceptions to every rule, no hard answers (no pun intended) and only by practice can one know a good deal about the subject. There could be no real book that covers it this, and the ones that would cover it are slanted to the authors view. Look at Kinsey, it took him YEARS to come up with a clinical and mostly comprehensive report about sex and sexual activity in America. Then Masters and Johnson took even more time and effort covering the topic and both missed the big picture. Sure, you can read the reports, but you will only know facts, you will not know application in the sexual arts.

So, is it all practice? Can you learn this stuff without practice? Are there short cuts to fucking like a pro? Obviously there are some who learn the tricks of the trade (no pun intended there), or is the trick just practice (pun intended there)?

An interesting and probably not original thought; could a couple benefit by hiring a prostitute to help them out, teach them something? Would the experience be worthwhile if both were cool with the idea? Would you hire just a female pro, or would a gigolo be called for as well? Would you have to “interview” them first?

OK, so let’s for the sake of argument say that each person in a couple have had experiences with a professional and know that the experiences were really mind blowing (again, no pun intended there). Let’s say that each would like to have their partner perform as the pro had? Would you hire the pro to come in and teach your partner their tricks? Interesting thought and maybe one that has merit.

When couples go in for therapy many times there are sexual issues that need to be addressed between the two. Often times it is a matter of not enough sexual activity or sexual satisfaction. In these cases it is not out of line for the therapist to call in a sexual surrogate to help the couple (in almost no cases is the therapist the surrogate, that is unethical). In these sessions, the surrogate attempts to teach the partners methods of sexual interaction that would help the two enjoy the sex act more, thereby relieving some of the issues the couple may have. This is a fine line for a surrogate to walk not wanting to replace a partner nor engender harsh feelings from the other partner. But it does happen and in many places considered acceptable practice.

So we have our couple, a pair of sexual explorers on a quest to be the best partner that the other could want. They have dallied in threesomes, foursomes, or moresomes and do not have a problem with someone else in the bed with them. Could they turn their play into a learning experience and have fun with it too? Seems to me that it should be possible and even beneficial in the end for either or both partners.

Maybe it is not such a far-fetched idea after all, and maybe it could be a hell of a lot of fun along the way. So maybe it is something to consider for the right people.

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