New To Dating AGAIN!  

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6/3/2005 7:18 pm

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New To Dating AGAIN!

This is pretty much stream of consciousness

So, here I am, divorce papers just freshly signed, new place of my own, and I want companionship. And how do I go about it? Dating sites.

My friends think I am nuts. My family thinks it is sad, but really what am I to do? I don't really do the bar scene, never did before. I just don't fit into that environment. Place an ad in the personals? Nah... too impersonal. Visit the local supermarkets? Too creepy. Adult meet and greets at a religious facility? Too fanatical, desperate. So, here I am.

OK, so it's try a strategy. I am told that the people on these boards can be "interesting" and to be cautious. OK, so maybe try a lot of boards to weed out the "interesting" one and find the nice ones. Cast a wide net... and what does that cost? Wow, $40 here, $50 there, ah a free one... funny, no one is using it. Here, this one is free, no, it's not. This one is for real romance, Holy crimminy... two months salary.... no assurances. So, how about AdultFriendFinder, not to bad, lots of people, and even a recommendation from a friend (one the family doesn't know). I break out the credit card...

OK, so now I am a member. Great... but I start to explore and what do I find... a hundred men to every woman, and the women only seem to want Adonis. Great, this average 40 year old man is certainly NOT a Greek god. Can there be any luck for me. Maybe.

So, how do I get noticed? There are articles here with hints... ok, so change my Intro line... ok, I wait... Let see... nope. no new mail. Oh well, take a new approach.

Networks! I bet that works... yeah, but if I invite anyone will they even bother? OK, give it a try, why not... Onward to the search... Found one... invite...

Well I'll be... she accepted... cool. Personal Album, what's this... It has to be, explicit pictures, why else would it be hidden from everyone except those you want to see it... Nawty pics? that's not me.

OK Jeff, get up the nerve, take some naughty shots. All those other guys did.

But that is not really like me....

So what.... just do it!

Hmm... ok... just do it!

Click, Click, Click... ok... did it. Crop them... post them... now wait... let's see if she notices....

"You've got mail..."

"... OK, now to the dirty side of me, yes I can be a little bit nasty. I really enjoyed looking at your photo album. Actually I was a tad bit turned on looking at it. Very nice package(I'm being nice by not saying cock, lol)"

Really... ok, let's see where this leads... I guess I have bared it all now... not too much left for the imagination. Is that a good thing...

"So, how about we get together this weekend..."

I'll let the readers know...

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