Katrina's Devastation Part Three  

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9/2/2005 12:45 pm

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Katrina's Devastation Part Three

Where is the world?
Where are its people?
Where is the help for us
when nature bites us?

What did we expect? Do we really expect the world to come to our aid when a natural disaster strikes us as it did in Malaysia? The answer is no. Why should the they bother helping the richest country in the world. They did not send aid in 1994, they won’t in 2005. Sure, they will send some token help, to say they did, but they will not contribute in any meaningful way.

In 1994, during the Northridge Quake aftermath, I remember that there was supposed to be a lot of foreign aid, but I never saw any of it. I was looking. It is really hypocritical of every other country that takes aid from us then not to send any kind of aid back that it can afford. Even countries that we have not helped directly should be sending aid here for the simple matter that since the US does help in disasters in such a major way everyone else does not have to shoulder the additional burden. So where is the aid?

It’s not coming… it never will. We, the US are just big ol’ softies, we help everyone. Other countries? Well, they just let it go, not in my territory, not my problem.

So, the next time a country is hit by a natural disaster let’s all remember what the world did for us and not send a dime.

No, we’ll help. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. I wonder why other countries do not think the same way?

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