Getting it all Together  

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6/26/2005 6:07 pm

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Getting it all Together

This was supposed to post yesterday, but for some reason never did. So here it is:

So, I get up at 6am in the morning, drag my ass out of bed and I drown my cereal in low fat milk. Do the cleansing thing, and get dressed, something comfortable today.

Why so early on a Saturday? I have to get my car worked on. I did have an appointment to have it done yesterday, but 1) they got the wrong wheels, 2) they got the wrong tires, 3) they did not get in the parts for the rest of the work, and while I was told that there would be no problem, well, they lied. So, there I was, wanting to drop ungodly amounts of money and guess what... they screwed up. So, now instead of me being able to drive into LA and see my daughter, I have to spend my day waiting for the car to get fixed.

So, what does a computer geek do when waiting up to five hours? Well, he brings his laptop figuring to pop in the forth season West Wing while waiting. But not before doing some maintenence on the computer...

Let's see, Virus scan, HD scan, Defrag, Reg scan, and so on... well there's thirty minutes killed, what next...

Oh yeah... (Search the bag) install the webcam that I got a week ago. Break out the Headphone w/ mic and see if it all works... yeah, let play.

So, I break out the webcam, install the software (waiting, waiting, waiting) why has it stopped... shit, a buried dialog... yes, continue... another, ok I will plug it in... Yes, build the icons... Finally.

Cool.. mic check... check check... yep. It all works, so what about getting it on the web...

Let's see... OMFG, this place has wifi access... YES... log in... Key and Password? Shit... ok... break out the network tools... Some cultural engineering... "Hey, can you look up some other rims for me?" Hit the capture... Cool, clear text. No problem... online. (God, hacking is easy sometimes.)

Let's see if AdultFriendFinder will work with this web cam... OK, it says it's broadcasting, but it's just a blank screen... damn... what could it be... it's capturing... Hmmm... Well the monitor is on... Maybe I can not broadcast and use the webcam monitor... Blank screen still... Maybe the resolution is too high... ok, back to the cam config. Small window, 12 bit color (that is all I really need) and ... Bingo... Seems to work... so I am now webcam capable for all of you at AdultFriendFinder. I am sure you are going to find it boring... (well, most of the time) But at least I am up to date.

Test Lag times... shit, not bad, about one half second, I thought it would be more than that. Hey, I even got a viewer... Nope, gone now, must have been trawling for cum shots... Sorry, not in a autorepair shop.

Fun day huh... god I am royally pissed off

And now they turned off the wifi... SHIT.

rm_bella_ 48F
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6/27/2005 7:30 pm

You have much patience! Patience is a virtue they tell me

rm_txrose4uNTX 59F
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6/27/2005 8:57 pm

DANG computers!!! lol...

Mine is dragging tonight.... It can't keep up with as fast as I am writing tonight....

Oh, well....

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