Gender Bender  

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10/5/2005 8:47 pm

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Gender Bender

OK, so I am wondering, how many of us have thought about being the other gender? How many men have wish that they were women and women wish they were men?

I was thinking, and you know that is always dangerous, what it really would be like to be a woman. I know that women have all the female issues, we men hear about them all the time, but would the benefits outweigh the deficits? For one thing, if I were a woman I would get sex whenever I wanted it. Women that complain that they do not get enough sex are either too tied to a relationship or are not trying. I mean really, how much effort does it take to get a stack of resumes from guys who would just love to have sex with you? You can be choosy too. You can select from a hell of a lot more guys than men can from women, you control all the goods. Now note that I said sex, not a relationship. For that I think women are in just as much of a pursuit as men.

Also, men are giving you things. Dinners, flowers, trips, whatnots, whatever, women tend to get more attention paid to them then the men,

Third, you never need to be out of work. Now this may sound like a slut or hooker, but you have a built in industry in your gender that you can profit from. (ok, I am being a dog, but follow… That stack of resumes, well there are a lot of them that would pay to be with you. Now not only can you be choosy about who you fuck, you can get paid for it. Is that a deal or what?

Forth: You can get other women. What is it these days with women on women liaisons. I look at the personals and most of the really good looking women are not interested in men but other women. Talk about having opportunities.

OK, so maybe I am being delusional… but on the other hand maybe I’m not. Men have to learn to leverage what we can do, so maybe women should do the same. Then again I may be way off base. I got a feeling I am going to catch hell for this post.

But really, if you had the opportunity to try switching genders would you? Going back to the idea of fantasizing about being a woman for a moment, I would want to do this to know what women feel during sex, the emotions, the physical aspect, the orgasms. Is your experience similar to mine? There is course no way of knowing, but I’d like to know. So yeah, if I got the chance, I would love to experience sex as a woman.

Women, have you ever consider what it was like to be a man during sex? It is a natural curiosity I think, but I would love to know what you might expect, what you think you would feel.

Personally I think this is all healthy and normal. But it does sort of bend the mind at the possibilities.

lushgirl69 50F

10/6/2005 5:23 pm

I can't count the number of times I have been in the middle of giving some guy a blow job and wondered, "what is he feeling?"
You know that vein that pops out just so? When I drag my tongue back and forth slow and then real fast, what is the difference in sensation?
And i agree, if a woman really wants to just get fucked, she can...I just want to hold out a little to get something worthwhile. Most of the time, if I just throw down without thought, I won't get off anyway. and that's the real point of it all< right?

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