Home with a sprained ankle.  

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3/6/2006 7:02 am

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Home with a sprained ankle.

As you might have guessed from the title, my soccermatch did not go perfectly according to plan. I busted up my ankle pretty good during a tackle so I had to leave the field.

It was more painful to see my team losing; then it was spraining my ankle

But it was nice to come home and read some mails and see a wink from Simbelia, it cheered me up

I managed to get to work today, but it was quite an ordeal. Working on both the 3rd and the 1st floor and being too proud (or stupid) to use the elevator, made my ankle swell up. But I will be allright, our next game is on Saturday and I intend to be a part of that. NO WAY we are losing two in a row!

With regard to the honeys I feel pretty good. I have been asked to participate in another movie , and my chatting sessions with Simbelia are great. Maybe I will show up at her doorstep soon. (I got to be careful with what I write as she reads this too)

Take Care everyone - Hope your bodies feel better than mine at the moment.

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