First Time M.I.L.F  

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4/22/2006 10:21 pm
First Time M.I.L.F

Darcy was my best friend's mom. I had secretly wanted her since the age of 12 when I knew what the thing between my legs was for. Let me describe myself a little before I begin.

At the time I was 18 years old, and heavily involved in every sport I could play. I had a very athletic build for a high school senior, and was voted to all conference team in football, and baseball. I was 6'2", 234 lbs., light brown hair, and green eyes. Many of the girls at my school wanted to be with me, but I chose sports over the girl game. I did not have a regular girlfriend, by choice. Don't get me wrong I was a high school senior so I did like girls, and chased them regularly at after game parties. I usually ended up with one of the cheerleaders, and we would engage in some heavy petting and once in a while venture as far as a blow job, or hand job. I was still a virgin in terms considering.

Darcy was 16 years my elder, having her first born my best friend at the young age of 16. She was short and petite, with an ass to die for. Darcy had short brown hair, nice firm handsize breasts, and a beautiful face with blue eyes. Darcy was always wearing something revealing and in the summer time I would masturbate to her bikini clad image several times over the three months. Darcy spent a lot of time at the swimming pool in their backyard, and I spent a lot of time at Jason's house using the pool and watching his mom sun bathe.

The day in question I arrived at Jason's house at around 11 AM, I knew Jason was at work but we were like brothers and his family did not care if I came over to use the pool. I jumped right in and began swimming around before I noticed nobody was home no cars were there at all. I swam briefly before getting out to use the toilet. I went around the side of the house and pee'd on a tree when I came back around the side of the house Darcy was standing there by the pool removing her shirt. I could not believe what I was seeing. She slowly turned her back to me and undid her pants next. I instantly got hard watching her pants slide over the curves of her ass and hips. Her small, firm little ass came into view and my cock was straining against the front of my shorts. I watched very quietly not wanting her to know I was there. Darcy then completely removed her panties, and when her little shaved pussy popped into view I thought I would cum on the spot. I had never seen anything so enticing in my life, I wanted to walk up behind her and shove my hard cock right into that tight little opening. What she was doing? I don't know but I couldn't resist and slowly pulled on my hard cock through my swim shorts. Darcy then began rubbing sun tan lotion into her body. Rubbing her firm tits and running her hands all over herself. My erection was bigger than I had ever seen it, and I was close to cumming. Darcy then laid down on the lawn chair and began rubbing lotion into her stomach and legs. I had a perfect view of her tight little pussy glistening in the sun. I could not believe I was 20 feet away from my best friend's naked mother and I was stroking my cock.

After about 5 minutes of rubbing in the sun tan lotion on her naked body, Darcy began spending extra time on her firm tits. I would see her hands run the length of them and then slowly squeeze her nipples. In a matter of speaking she was beginning to enjoy her attention, because I could soon see her nipples becoming erect. She continued this slow massage of her tits, and then slowly slid one hand down to her pussy. I watched as she spread her lips apart, and slowly rubbed her hardening clit. Darcy released a low but audible moan as her finger began to circle her clit. She continued this for several moments, until I could see her pussy glistening with its wetness, she was fully aroused and was now beginning to really manipulate her clit. Soon she was raising her hips to meet her finger on her clit, and began to really moan. That is when it happened; I could not take it anymore. I walked up on the deck and stood 5 feet from her as she continued to pleasure herself. She had not seen me. I was so turned on I just took my shorts off and stood there with my eight inch cock in my hand stroking it slowly as I watched her pleasure herself.

Darcy now had two fingers in her tight little pussy while the other hand continued to play with her erect clit. I was in heaven and I could feel the cum starting to rise the length of my penis. It would not be long now, and I would be ready to release myself, and I was going to do it on her tits. Darcy still had no idea I was there, her eyes were closed and she was moaning loud enough that she did not hear my labored breathing as I stroked my hard cock in time with her fingering.

As Darcy began to convulse and moan in orgasm I walked right up to her and shot the biggest load I had ever seen all over her tits. She screamed, looked at me and became very embarrassed very quickly. I saw the look of embarrassment on her face and just smiled at her, she looked at my cock, and then back at me with wide eyes. Darcy jumped up really quickly and ran into the house. I was so busted I was scared to death that she was in there calling my parents as I quickly put my shorts back on and gathered my things to head home.

As I walked by the house to head home Darcy opened the door standing in a robe and asked me to come in really quickly. She proceeded to tell me how sorry she was and how embarrassed she was to be caught doing such a dirty thing. I told her it was alright that I did it quite frequently and it was really kind of hot watching her. "Really?" she asked. I explained to her that it was the hottest thing I ever saw and my cock got so hard watching. "Yes, it did, and it was rather nice also." What? "Your cock, it was nice." WOW!!! I couldn't believe what she had just said to me. I told her of my fantasies and how by watching her do that to herself, I could contain myself in the future about thinking of being with her. Darcy just smiled, and said "Come over tomorrow, and lets do it again, except this time I want to watch you stroke that big hard cock."

To be continued...

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