Ohhh Wow....first 3'some  

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9/9/2005 12:36 am

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Ohhh Wow....first 3'some

1st sorry about spelling

ohhh wow, well, last night, I was out with my friend Toni and her room mate Lacy...now, Toni is a 5 foot blonde bombshell. and Lacy is just a little bit taller than Toni with dark red hair. well, we go out to a party for about 4 or 5 hours. its all fun, the ladies have a couple of drinks. so when it starts to get thin at about 4 or 5 in the morn i drive them home, I walk them to the door like a gentlemen, they unlock the doors and i ask if I can use their restroom, when I walk to the door to leave I see that they are on the couch making out. I know they are still pretty tippsy, so I ask if they need anything. Lacy gets up off of Toni and walks over to me and sticks her hand down my pants and says "only you big boy". She leads me and Toni to her bedroom and we begin to undress. Lacy tells me to sit in a chair that is next to the bed and tells me not to do anything. just to watch. Lacy strips Toni down to her panties and starts to lick her pussy through her panties. They tease me by looking over and smiling every now and then. Lacy has Toni moaning and groaning in no time at all. after she soaks her panties with her love juice Lacy pulls them off and throws them to me. I taste her on the panties which was a mistake because it just made me want them even more. Toni then gets her chance to pay back the favor....she starts with her tongue then moves to her fingers, She then sticks her whole fist into Lacys pussy. I swear, Lacy had to be screaming so loud that I was surprised the cops didn't show up. when they were both done, they waved me over to the bed...FINALLY!!!!!

First they take their time sucking me off, Toni at the tip, Lacy at the base. they suck me off and fight over the reward. ohh my god, if u get the chance, two tongue's are the best feelin' that you will ever have. after that, Lacy(The more naughty of the two) went to her dresser and pulled out a strap on, for a sec i was a little...curious to see who it was for, she said it was for Toni. we then gave Toni the pounding of her life. me in her ass and Lacy in her pussy. we went on for about another 2 hours when we were all exausted and the girs were all fucked up from the party. so we passed out for the rest of the day, we wake up around 5 or 6 this afternoon and I take a shower so i can go to school, ohhhhh myyyy, was it.....fun. I then see my brother today and he asks were i was and i said that i was at my friends house, just then i got a call from Lacy, this was about 3 hours ago, I answer and we talk for a little bit, my brother gets pissed for some weird reason and grabs the phone and yells into it, "Who the hell is this, My brother can't talk right now he's gann.....what.......he then goes red and hands me the phone with a shocked/puzzled look on his face. I ask lacy what she said and she said...ohhh nothin important.....I hang up and my brother is still staring at me. I walk to the kitchen and he asks.......

who's Lacy and Toni,

and I taking a bite of food say.....two very speacial ladies......

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