What I've done and like to do  

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9/11/2006 8:35 pm
What I've done and like to do

I've not had a lot of partners in my life. Let's see, that is seven. Lucky seven! What woman wants to number eight???

Every one of them, except maybe the very first--yes I admit that--were very pleased. Why is that? I'm no lightweight in the sack. I really enjoy sex with the right person. No big deal to go for an hour... about all a woman can usually take. When I was in my early 20's, me and my ex-wife would go for two hours. Damn, those were the days. It wasn't even that good compared to what I've had lately.

So, honestly what feedback have I received?
* great kisser
* great at giving her head
* making sure she is satisfied even if I've came
* giving her multiple orgasms
* my stamina to keep going

What do I like to do?
* tease and be teased
* have my cock sucked and played with
* watching porn with my partner if it turns them on
* getting my partner incredibly aroused until she is dripping wet
* face fucking
* straight sex, usually penetrate the best when I'm on top, plus I get to play with her tits

What do I look forward to one day?
* giving a couple messy cumshots, at least drop a load on her tongue and watch it drip out--don't know why but that is hot
* watching two women suck my cock and kissing each other
* one woman riding me while the other is straddling my face
* doing one woman doggie style while another is underneath me eating her pussy, and I periodically pull out and she sucks the other's pussy off my cock

Yeah, there's a theme there. The threesome I've yet to have! Sigh.

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