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9/11/2006 5:22 am

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Just read some girl's profile in which she writes that it's not because she'll answer that she'll get down and dirty. Well fair dos... and yet if your are on such a website it's because you like sex, end of story.
Now that does not mean that you are allowed to be pecky, in which case say it in your answer and express it by choosing you answer. If you think someone sounds like a spoon ignore that person.

Secondly, there was a rant about married people. What is it to me if someone is married and have sex behind their partners back? I'm not here to judge anybody or their relationships, I'm here because a have a pressing libido!!!
I'll be civile and courteous because that's the way I was brought up but the bottom line is that I want to end up being dirty with a quasi-stranger.
As for being selfish, of course I'm, it's all that very pressing need to satisfy myself. Of course I will play about and do all sorts of game because to be honest quickies are all right once in while.
On arrogance, who's to say one is arrogant!! and why not being arrogant if some poeple find this appealling (some people do). I that not your case well do not contact or answer!

I think I have finished my own rant. In my household (a wifer who doesn't know I do this by the way) we call this a spleen attack after this dear old Baudelaire (a dirty man I believe).

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9/11/2006 9:28 am

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