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2/15/2006 3:29 pm

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It is a dog's life I'm talking about here. I can't help but notice that the vast majority of men on this system that approach me assume I am sexually available, get this, to them, because I have a nude photo posted on my ad, but regardless of what I might have to say about that photo. I find this to be an amazing and interesting conclusion because all the rest of the women these men have seen naked in the course of their lives were not necessarily available to them, nor do the other women with nudity in their posts I've noticed on this site offer to have sex with anyone and everyone. I would like to know more about how and why men become possessive over photos. Simplisitc answers like "that's their nature", "that is what comes naturally", or "that's not like me so it does not matter" types of answers have already been provided to me so you can save yourself the trouble of sending me that sort of analysis. It is an old fashioned victorian standard that the male vision insists on possession, but that was supposed to have changed. Phrased differently, why do most men seem to believe women were "liberated" so they could have sex with men on strictly male terms when that's what women were expected to before women were "liberated?" Why did women bother to become "liberated" if it gained them no new options? Why do these conclusions pop up and become rigid so often on this site as soon as I show my body? Do other women also experience this assumption when they appear in pictures with other men?

mask2376 41M
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2/23/2006 7:31 pm

What exactly is your purpose here? I mean are you trying to find gay men? Or men that aren't sexually attracted to women? I never once asked for sex, or to meet. I merely asked for a photo. This goes both ways, since a lot of women also ask for a photo. But some of them won't even talk to you without one. Some women have only replied with send photo to (insert email here). Thats' it, they said nothing else. So that's not merely just a man thing, women do it to. I also never said I would not talk to you unless you sent me a pic. I merely politely asked for one. I never demanded it, never cussed, as far as i know i was never disrespectful about it. Maybe you could correct me if i'm wrong. As far as some of the answers you've gotten, did you ever think that maybe since you get it all the time that it might just be true? I know its a stretch, and i know you think its bs. But are you always right? Have you ever known to be wrong? My guess is your typical person in the world that once they get something in their head they would never believe anything to the contriary...because they just cant' be wrong. I'm sure there might just be some men who don't want to see a pic, but i seriously doubt they are the status quo and that you would find them on AdultFriendFinder. You probably won't even read this but just had to get that off my mind. Have a wonderful day and hope you can find something that makes you happy and gets you over all the negative thoughts and feelings that you have right now.

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2/25/2006 8:26 am

First off I’ll begin by stating I’m not a fan of generalizations regarding men or women. That being said I question your assumptions. “Why men become possessive over photos” Well I would say we don’t. There are many magazines with naked women in them and we are not possessive toward them unless they are unstable stalker types. And there are as many females that fit that category. If you’ve ever been to a strip club you’ll find that men understand what’s going on and do not become possessive. As for your nude picture and why men believe you’re sexually available. Well lets look the sight your on “AdultFriendFinder” it could very well be “I just wanna”. So I wouldn’t get to upset about people propositioning you on here. Now for the big subject of women’s liberation. Let’s just say it is very confusing as everyone knows or obeys by the rules of liberation. Both men and women. Women want to be equals in job, pay, opportunities, sports etc. Yet some also want men to pursue them, buy them flowers, open the door, put down the toilet seat, treat them special, chivalry. This is very confusing for men today and I’m sure it will be into the foreseeable future.
Your statement “sex with men on strictly male terms”. I don’t know what your life and sexual experiences are but there are men that are passive and/or submissive and only get sex on the women’s terms. I apologize for the choppiness of this as I’m typing this as I work. Please accept my apology and I hope I’ve added value to your blog.

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