His Body  

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3/3/2006 6:20 am

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His Body

His Body

1) The Hands

Fingers bold and brown
strong enough to carry the stone
from the stone family, but
gentle enough to touch my eyes
like a warm sunbeam in winter.
Every time, like the first time, crushed
Basil on the thumb, a cook’s garlic on a finger,
pointing at angels, perfectly wingless,
playing on the grass.

2) The Eyes

Their color makes no difference
as they are always changing,
blurring like a rainbow gone mad,
a field of poppies,
hazelnut trees in spring,
surf and mangrove before a storm.

Just awake, they dance
as if he doesn’t know me
and he doesn’t
so they dance free of guile.
This man’s eyes could move
a reptile to loyalty.

3) The Toes

Who bought at the market?
Who stayed home and baked?
Who got arrested for robbery?
This one hunts cattle, chicken and shrimp.
This one loves Basho. This one
is unburdened by the care of a sole.
This one needs a good psychologist
or drug intervention.
This one looks good unstraightened.
This one needs love.

4) The Penis

We have ten minutes, I swear, we won’t be late.
It takes you two minutes to get dressed.
You’re not like me, I started two hours ago
and would risk all. One zip and I’ll close my mouth.

I wouldn’t be so shameless, but my great fear is a dull life.

5) The Soul

How he got it there is obvious.
But tell me, who broke the code of his hands,
dreamed the messages of his eyes,
counted the lives of his toes? Don’t I have a claim here?

But his soul body on, naked and unpacked like timpani drums.
Once a sapling thing, a green shade with an angel’s thumb pressed
against the root, heaven’s initials have grown
mighty with the trunk draped with leaves of pale green lace.

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