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4/13/2006 8:13 pm

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u needed me

sexys lips were suculant. They had a mind of their own as they pulsated
around mine. She oozed sexuality. sezy's tongue traced my inner lips and
found my tongue. Our tongues circled and caressed, causing me to moan slightly
into her mouth. sexy's hands worked their way down. Finding my chest and erect
nipples. She touched them, tugged at them. The feeling was exhilarating. She
removed my shirt and started to kiss her way down. Kissing my neck, down,
further, further. I was so excited I almost came.sexy unbuckled my belt and jeans with her teeth. I brought up my hips
and she slid my pants off. Pam took the head of penis. Her lips had the same
pulsating rythm. She sucked hard and bit down slightly.

"Uhhhhhggg.", I whimpered.

"Mmmmmm.", she replied.

She went down on it. She pushed it all the way to the back of throat.
sexy's tongue viciously darted out and tickled my scrotum. It then caressed them,
cautiously. My mind was a cloud of smoke. She was encircling my thoughts,
enveloping my manhood. She continued to caress me with her tongue. She came
up, dragging her teeth. Her suculant lips encumbered the head of my penis
again. This time her tongue tickled the tip. Pre-cum was dripping out of
the opening, but that did not stop her rythm. She traced the tip with her
finger. Her head started to move faster. I moaned loudly. I felt her moan
also, deeply. sexy's finger came to mouth and went inside. Salty, but I didn't
mind, it was sensual. Her other hand grasped my shaft. It gripped firmly
and waited for her mouth to join it. Her head and hand now moved in unison.
Up and down slightly twisting. Her saliva coated me. Her mouth began to
suck harder, her tongue vibrating faster. She moved her hand yet even faster,
faster. I began to stiffen, my hips bucked wildly.


Faster, Faster. My scrotum became rock hard, as sexy stroked it, cared for
it. My penis became tense. sexy went all the way down. Tenser, firmer. She
swallowed, her throat muscles tightened. your hand kept their rythmic pace.
you let out a cry. we came. you shot hot semen right down my throat. sexy pumped
faster, harder. Shot after shot, you came. your semen coated sexys tongue and mouth.
s kexy kept sucking, wanting more. you had no more. Ecstacy. we lay there, your penis
still enveloped. sexy licked me clean. sexy came to me and we kissed, deeply,

Mmmm,thank you your sex pot

cumtomenow34 60M

4/24/2006 8:50 pm

My you write well!!!!! You can tell you are educated...and not just in sexual ways!!

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