my man needs me tonight  

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4/7/2006 8:55 pm

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my man needs me tonight

What began as a quiet evening going out to eat took on a whole new twist when Kris leaned over to me and whispered into my ear at the table “Baby I am not wearing any panties, give me your hand” taking my hand you guide it too your skirt and place it on your upper thigh, hidden by the table cloth of the table, as I gently massage your leg the skirt you are wearing inches higher up your leg, the softness of my hand touching your bare skin as my heart begins to beat faster and faster…looking into your eyes which have a mysterious gleam in them as you rest your hand upon my cock as it begins to swell inside my slacks, a soft moan escapes from me as you rub me back and forth, my cock growing to its full length and size. “I cannot believe this “I say leaning close to you... “Does not seem like your objecting to much “ you claim as your tongue darts inside my ear you just whispered in.

Leaning back, looking into my eyes a soft smile is on your face as I lean forward and kiss you softly on your soft lips. My hand moves ever so slowly, inching up your thigh, as you part your thighs slightly as I get closer and closer to your soft sex, as I reach your love tunnel I am amazed at how wet you are……dripping wet in fact, my finger brushes lightly against your wetness and I pull it away bringing it to my mouth as I look deep into your eyes, very nonchalantly I lick your love juice from my finger as you strongly suggest we finish our meal and get home and I quickly agree, however just before getting up to leave your hand slips back to my lap and you give a gentle squeeze to my semi hard shaft that is begging for release, “ That’s not fair “ I whisper as we both chuckle as we slip out of our seats making our way to the car to hurry home to continue our romantic sensual evening, getting into the car we share a long…..slow………hot kiss that only rises both our passions higher than they already were, the traffic being very light along with the fact that its very dark outside you lean back into your seat and adjust your body close to mine as you lean your head down to my lap, glancing back up to my face we briefly lock eyes, as a soft smile crosses your face as you ask me to lean the seat back a little, reaching for my zipper you slowly unzip my slacks, reaching in and releasing my throbbing cock as it pulsates in your hand, wrapping your hand around me you move it up and down at a slow steady pace, lowering your head I feel Kris's hot tongue circling just the head of my shaft, trying hard to concentrate to drive you ask “ you like this “ ? the only response I can muster is a moan from deep within me, at that moment your mouth opens taking me into your hot mouth, your lips wrapping tightly around me as my cock throbs inside your mouth, enjoying the sensation like never before I suggest that we stop or we might just crash…besides we are getting very close to home, lifting your head up that sexy smile crosses your face again, walking into the house we just about attack each other , both of our passions boiling over, falling into each others arms our lips meet, our kiss hotter than any I can recall, just about the same time we both start removing each others clothes, stepping out of my slacks you lower yourself onto your knees in front of me.

Your hand guiding my rock hard shaft towards your mouth…. Your tongue darting out and flicking across the head, circling around it, licking down the shaft and back up the other side and back down again, inching lower until you reach my balls….drawing one into your mouth and letting it slip out as you suck the other one inside your hot mouth, my cock is now like a steel rod that is throbbing as it swells to its full length and girth, letting my ball go you inch back up my shaft taking as much of my manhood deep into your mouth as you can…………lost in the pleasure for a few minutes and enjoying it, I pull you up kissing you full on the lips in a passionate hunger that boils inside my loins, leaning you back against the kitchen counter and lifting you slightly I sit you up on the counter top as I kiss my way around your face…….down to your shoulder….cupping your breast in my hand and noticing your nipples are very hard….your body jumps slightly as my thumb brushes against it……..goose bumps overcome your body as I feel your body quivering slightly as mine does from your own touch….kissing down your neck and licking lower stopping only at the valley between them….over to draw a circle around your hard nipple ……….teasing it with my tongue and mouth….your breathing quickens…my hands caressing your hips, massaging them as I suckle on your very hard nipples….my hands moving over the top of your thighs as I do, almost by instinct you part your thighs as my fingers reach the top of your hair line, moving my fingers to the inside of your soft thighs you part your thighs even more as my tongue flicks your nipple as it rest inside my mouth.

Closing my teeth around it as my index finger finds your soaking wet pussy, gently and slowly letting your hard nipple slip from my mouth my fingers find your wetness and parts your pussy lips and finally touch your hard clit as it sends a jolt thru your body, causing a slight jump from you, kissing down your chest lower and lower until I reach your belly button, running my tongue around it teasing you as you try and grind yourself against my finger, your body aching for it to enter your sex, your hips rising up to entice me to slip it into your wetness, my tongue moves lower, licking along your hairline………down to the inside of your thigh as you start to lift your sex to my mouth….your juices flowing freely from your excitement, licking up the outside of your sex I am mesmerized by the sweetness of your smell…reaching the top of your slit , my tongue separates your wet pussy lips as I move lower down the length of you….you hips rising up to meet my mouth……as I reach your clit I notice it too is throbbing………quivering…….pulsating…….begging to be touched….your body jumps slightly as I touch it with my tongue…licking around the outside of it your thighs part and your hips rise to invite my mouth to your sex……when I reach your swollen pussy lips I stop and gently suck one lips into my mouth at a time gently sucking on them, you feel your lip inside my mouth and it pushes you closer to your orgasm….tasting your juices, you reach a hand behind my head pulling me closer to you….my tongue darts inside you as you body gently quivers…..a soft orgasm coming over you “ more lets go to the bedroom”.

we walk hand and hand into the bedroom..............

ErosArriving04 55M

4/7/2006 11:16 pm

SUCH an amazing story from such an amazing woman..... so creative.. fun.. erotic and classy. Oh how I wish we could get into contact.... cant email you as the system wont let me... if you want to chat with and meet a ma who truly adores your writings and is very intrigued by you.. drop me an email at erosarriving at cox dot net xox David

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