come back to me  

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come back to me

he made his way towards me, and when he was close enough to wrap his strong arms around my waist and pull me closer to him, he bent his head down towards my ear and whispered the words “You are so hot”. The next thing I felt were his lips as they began to suck on my neck. I brought my hands up to his head and entwined my fingers into his hair, moaning softly with every touch of his lips to my skin. I felt his hands as they caressed my hips, then slowly found their way towards my ass. Soon, my lips found his, and we took turns nibbling at one another feverishly. I slid my tongue out of my mouth and slowly parted his lips. Soon, both our tongues became entangled, mine occasionally brushing across the front of his teeth. At some point, I pushed him away gently and took him by the hand, leading Fogy over to my bed. I sat down at the foot of my bed, looking up into his steamy brown eyes as he began to kneel down in front of me.
He formed his hands around my hips, gripping the waistband of my pants and slowly began to pull them off of me. Then Fogy removed my panties with his teeth and started to kiss his way from my knees to my inner thighs. I let out a soft moan and placed my hands in his hair, drawing him closer to the spot. I wanted his tongue inside me so bad and the anticipation building up to the moment was killing me. But he definitely knew how to make a girl wait.

I felt his lips against my inner thigh sucking and licking at my skin, getting closer to my pussy lips but barely touching them. I began to whimper a little in both frustration and pleasure. Slowly, Fogy brought his tongue to the bottom of my pussy and licked straight up the middle. I laid back against my bed, moaning with wanton desire. I felt his hands grip my hips tightly, his fingers spreading underneath my ass. His lips began to gently suck at my clit, driving me insane and bringing me to the brink of climax. I managed to breathe the words “Oh God”, which gave him the indication that I was going to cum. But he couldn’t let that happen just yet.

He continued to tease my clit as I practically begged him to fuck me with his tongue. “Please...”, I said almost breathless, “Now! I can’t take it!” At long last, I felt his tongue slide it’s way inside my body. Both my hands were full of his hair and I pulled gently at it while he worked his magic with his mouth. He pulled his hands from under my ass and slid them up the sides of my body and over my breasts. I felt his fingers run circles around my nipples, and I arched my back as a twinge of pleasure shot through my body. Fogy's hands became full with a breast in each as his tongue probed deep inside my body. I could hear myself speaking, but it didn’t sound like English. I was still waiting to cum, and I felt like I was going to explode!

There I was again; right on the edge of an orgasm when he stopped and lifted his head from my lap and slowly raising himself off the floor, standing in front of me. I sat up, and started to unbutton his jeans and pull them down his legs. He was wearing navy blue briefs that defined his manhood really well. I looked at the bulge in front of my face and drew my mouth closer to it, breathing on it through the navy briefs. I pulled them down from both sides to reveal his huge cock. God, I wanted him so badly it was crazy. But I realized that I just couldn’t let him stand there without having his cock in my mouth first. I took it in my hands and rubbed it against my lips. His hands slowly rose up the side of my arms and rested on my shoulders, tightly gripping the spot beside my neck. Then I took the tip of his manhood into my hungry mouth and began sucking and licking every inch of it. My hand cupped his balls firmly while I pulled his cock in and out of my mouth, gently grazing it with my teeth once in a while. “Oh damn, I’m gonna come”, he said. But could I let that happen? Damn right I wanted to feel his hot come inside me.

I pulled him out of my mouth and stood up in front of him, my chest pressed hotly against his. Then, with the quickest movement, he turned my body around so that my back was against his chest. His hands smoothed down my arms and reached around the front of my body, grabbing my breasts. I leaned back against his left shoulder as he brought his head down to my neck and began to gently bite at my skin. I could feel his cock as it stood hard against my ass, ready for action. “God, I want you”, I breathed. Suddenly, that was it. Placing his hands on my hips, he guided his cock into my ass as deep as it would go. He slowly began to pump in and out of my ass, his hips pounding against me. He pulled himself deeper inside me, moving faster with every thrust of his hips. Finally, we were both reaching orgasm. I was screaming as I felt his come burst inside me in short, fast spirts. We both collapsed on the bed exhausted.

We got dressed, and I walked him to the door. “I’ll be back to morrow to finish the job”, he said, then kissed me deeply, his mouth sucking on my bottom lip. I watched him walk back to his van, then I shut the door. Damn, I can't wait untill your in my arms again........

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