When I Dream of You  

happylucky20005 76F
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3/7/2005 11:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

When I Dream of You

i hear your voice, strong an deep, it thrills me,, every thing you say an do thrills me, you lying here with me, feeling your touch, as you cup my breast, i look at you,, seeing that twinkle in your eye lets me know you want an desire me,, I wisper to you I miss you an need you now,,, you wrap your arms around me cup your hands around my nipples, they become hard an errect,, you begine to run your hands all over me,, see how soft I feel,, oh i love it when you caress me. do you love the way i purr. i want to feel your balls, i need to see how hard your getting,, i want to taste your precum. that first taste of you thrills me so,, i need you to kiss me, i will give you my tongue,, id love to suck on yours too. i now feel your mouth on my nipples,, your going down my belly an i quiver,, you are licking my pussy lips, im yours to enjoy please dont stop now . you can feel my muscles tighten as i cum an cum just for you my loveing sexy man,, i moan an grown. Ireally give you some warm sweet juices now,, you say you like it when i squirt my juices on your tongue, I know you love the taste of this hot sexy woman,, you love to hear me moan an groan,, your tongue rubbing my pussy you feel my spasum an you see my belly jumping as i move my hips up an down rubbing against your chin,,you push your fIngers inside my pussy now I GIVE YOU THE BIG ONE OVER AN OVER ,, you take all of me we hold each other an cuddle, resting till i stat my majic on you, o start on your face kissing an licking you ,, your ears an nose an eyes an neck kisses an lick all over your body,, care3ssing your balls an feeling your cock grow ,, i tese an work my tongur slowly, all around the head im in no hurry, your sounds tell me if its the right time to speed up , ill lower my self down on your hard cock an ride you for a bit then go back an lick an suck, you tell me take it all babe an i suck faster an faster wanting all of you now,, give yourself up to me,, let me have all of you now,, i drink it all ,,every last drop till your soft in my mouth ummmmmmmmm yummy so fine so delious, I want you more.

carmel1950 70M

3/7/2005 9:02 pm

I feel it and want to give it to you.you want and deserve the best that can be offered.

Talk and make the motion of lotion smooth the miles away. Will

happylucky20005 76F
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3/8/2005 7:48 am

thank you lovein man,

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