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5/29/2006 7:59 pm

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What does an orgasm feel like to me.

My Orgasm starts as tiny pulses deep under my pussy, between my pussy and
my rectum. It begins to magnify until my pussy starts to clutch at
whatever is inside it. My hips begin to involuntarily move up and
down. At this point the sensation inside my pussy has spread to around
my belly button and down my legs a few inches. The feeling is one of
being tickled too long, yet still feels like I will die if it stops.
The feeling is one that is about 70% pain, and 30% pleasure. However,
I need the release so badly by that point that I just allow it to
totally control all of my body, even my eyelids succumb to its total
control. It is like eating tapioca (which I love!!) that is too hot.
Does this make sense?

Second Question: How do I like to be made love to?

I love warm hands to caress my back and the top of my buttocks with
flat low pressure caresses. I like the hand to ever so slowly caress
lower and lower as they stroke my back. As the hand(s) slowly reach
the bottom of my buttocks, I like them to continue to caress my
buttocks. I usually raise at least one leg at this time to allow the
hand access to my asshole and pussy . I love to feel the hand ever
so lightly skim over the top of my pussy . This should last for at
least 3 to 5 minutes. By then my wetness is filling me.

I like another hand to then begin to caress the bottoms of my breasts.
Very light touches, like feathers. I like that hand (as the other hand
barely touches my pussy ) to slowly circle up until the fingers
just begin to touch the tip of my nipples. After my nipples have risen
to their full length, I like a tongue to just as lightly begin to
caress my nipples.

After 3 to 6 minutes, the tongue may become a mouth and begin to
gently suck on them. In the meantime the lower hand is beginning, like
a feather, to caress the lips of my pussy. Over the next 10 minutes,
the lower hand caresses itself further and further into me, until it
lightly contacts my clitoris. Continued stimulation of my clitoris
should become more and more firm until the fingers are slowly stroking
my opening from top to bottom.

I like the fingers to spread my moisture to my anus on each of its
strokes up and down me. The strokes on my anus should be like
feathers, but then to build in pressure at the same rate as in my
pussy. As I feel the fingers begin to invade my openings on each pass,
my flower petals begin to unfold. If I can find a penis within arms
length, I begin to stroke it with one hand. I hold my breast up for
more life giving sucking with the other hand.

The fingers continue to invade me in all of my openings, just as their
mouth now begins to assert authority over my mouth. The tongue begins
to invade my oral opening, just as the fingers are taking total
control of (their) my cunt. My cunt is wide open now, and begging for
penetration. The hands and mouth continue to dominate me as they begin
to use me for their own purposes. I feel them shift, and I feel the
head of a penis begin to ever so lightly probe my opening (whichever
opening they have chosen to fuck). It continues to insert itself a
slight bit, then withdraw.

All other touching by hands or mouth has stopped.

My body is forced to focus on only the one source of stimulation. I
crave it's continued presence. I need it to insert itself fully, to
fill me, to release me from my sweet torture.
I feel it slowly, ever so slowly, begin to fill me with its divine presence.
It starts to accelerate as it penetrates me further, stroke after
tantalizing stroke. It begins to demand that my body worship it,
nurture it. It becomes forceful with me. It demands that my body suck
it and squeeze it . It forces me to serve it's every need.

I feel it begin to tighten, become even harder within me. I feel the
sack that hangs from it begin to tighten.

I know that it will soon give me what I crave, its life giving cream.

I feel my body take control of itself as I relinquish control of my
actions to the mantra of my orgasm. My body, without thought or
direction, sucks and clutches the penis, milking it, as best it can,
of its wonderful gift for me. I feel the scalding liquid heat anoint
my body with its presence. I scream with ecstasy as it fills me with
my greatest desire.

My orgasm slowly subsides, and I realize that my strength is gone. I
can only slowly caress the body that has used me, dominated me, and
filled me with its demands.

FightRevelCuber 70M

6/3/2006 8:36 pm

WOW. I've just completed reading most of your blogs.
The only question I have is: did it hurt when you fell
from heaven?

YOU truly are a most wonderful WOMAN...and an ANGEL to
the male species.

It will sound trite, but all I can say is...THANK YOU.

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