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1/1/2006 3:50 am

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I want to tell you about a very sexy lady ME…

Some women just really love sex. I won’t use my real name, I’ll call myself Sweets. The easiest way to say it, is that I have a libido like a man’s. Now men have many fine qualities. They can be caring, supportive, and all that. But even if a man is in a committed relationship, engaged, married, whatever ‒ he still wants other women ‒ he just might not act on his desires.

IM what I call a “highly sexual woman.” One aspect of that is how quickly I would get turned on. We were conducting a long-distance relationship ‒ a strange one, because I was seeing someone else at the same time, but I assured him that the other relationship was not really important to me (isn’t that like a man’s attitude: “I’m just fucking him, he’s not really important to me.”. I decided to move from Boston to Washington to be with him. I packed the few possessions I had in my car and drove all day. We met for dinner, then went back to his place. We went up to his bedroom. It was hot, and we stripped and took a shower. Then we dried off and started kissing, standing up. Even though it was years ago, I am getting aroused right now thinking about that kiss. When you think about really mind-blowing, great sex, isn’t kissing a big part of it. To feel your partner’s tongue in your mouth, exploring, is just so intimate; I love the phrase “soul kiss.” The way I kissed ‒ HE had a hunger for it, like he couldn’t get enough. There was an aggressiveness to it, a demanding quality. Words are not enough to fully capture it; but to feel that hunger was to feel totally desirable, totally sexy ‒ and yes, men want to feel that way too. That’s what makes the sex great ‒ the feeling of totally desiring your partner, and being desired, on what feels like a purely animal level. And, I loved him. Totally. But the love and the animal desire got completely blended, became the same thing.

In the novel Stranger in a Strange Land, there’s a line about people being so attuned to each other during sex that they can almost read their partner’s minds, but it’s more like reading their partner’s emotions. This felt like that. I could just feel how turned on he was. There was an extra intensity to it. After just a short while, I just knew that he was hard already ‒ I could just feel it. While we continued kissing, I brought my hand down, and ran my finger along the edge of his hairy, stiff cock. What I felt was just the gardest bulge Id had ever felt in my life ‒ like it was OUZING WITH PRECUM . I put one finger ON THE TIP AN BROUGHT IT TO MU MOUTH. It WAS SO TASTY, even though it had just been a few minutes of kissing!YOU WERE ROCK HARD AN I WAS DRIPPING WET

We lay down. I think we were on the rug, or on a low bed, or a mattress on the floor. Usually, of course, we would foreplay quite a bit when we fucked. he loved to be touched and caressed, and I loved it getting MY nipples sucked so much that I would moan an sxreamfor you. But tonight was a little different. No words were spoken, but I looked at him, and we were on the same wavelength. Neither of us were in a foreplay mood tonight. I was soaking wet, of course, and he took his cock and slid it right into that beautifully wet and ready cunt of mine And we fucked like animals. my god i want you so, fuck me babe,

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You capture it so well. Wish it was my cock and your pussy dancing in the night!

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1/7/2006 6:43 am

hello are you a willing persuer, read an i know uoull find a way,, the best is yet to come

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