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3/10/2005 3:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Hi hun thank you for TODAY mmmm I feel so good right now you came to me and we made love ohhh it was beautiful. You came into my room and sat on my bed and whispered to me "sweetheart I want to taste you today what a voice you have mmmm I love your voice baby. you excite me.. I rolled over and look into your eyes and there you were you had no clothes on. I said baby im yours take me,, You said you needed me" I was delighted, and you knew that i wanted you too,, You said again you needed me to come and make love to you.

Omg baby you leaned down and kissed me you ran your tongue over my lips as you were doing that your hand was making a trail down my body to my pussy. Baby you kiss so good mmmm you put your tongue into my mouth our tongues made love. Oh God your hand made it to my pussy what you were doing was driving me crazy. Then you started to massage it I said" ohhh baby please" that's when you put your finger into me ahhhhh yesss but then you took it out and put it into your mouth and sucked on your finger mmmm. You love the taste of this fine sexy woman,

Then you leaned over and kissed me again ohhh I can taste myself. I put my hand on your chest and played with your nipples then I sat up an kissed your face ,,ears ,,nose ,, neck and then took your nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue over them. I trailed kisses down your belly to your cock mmmm I licked you your cock jumped. I licked the head of it and stuck my tongue into the hole at the tip mmmm i watched it get harder , an stronger,now,, I can taste your precum now,, I took you into my mouth as far as I could take it and stroked you too. you love when i tease the head .. it makes you moan ,
I COULD TELL you were about to cum I kept you in my mouth and looked up at you I wanted to watch your face and your eyes as you came. You leaned back and started to pump your hips as your cock was fucking my mouth I knew you were about to cum , it was great for you

You were moaning you said "baby dont stop ,, you let out such a moan. I knew there was no stopping now. You came in my mouth mmmm I could not swallow all of it. You lifted my head up and kissed me and said now I want to make you cum. It wasn't going to be long you laid me back and went down on me you put your finger into my pussy as you were licking me. Omg baby I'm going to cummm you worked it mmmm nowww baby I came all over your face I held your head there pushing my pussy into you. You were great baby we kissed ,, you brought me to a new high, THANK YOU SEXY TALL MAN.

desertdynamics 82M

4/17/2005 10:03 am

Dear Lucky,

Your Blog reminded me of many sensual experiences in which the Art Of The Oral lifts us to the height of sexual ecstacy. Your descriptions are wonderful, and I can picture and feel your cum engulfing my face, that tasty, pungent lady gravy, satisfying our mutual desires to please and be pleased.

Your magic tongue, kissing, licking nipples, and working its way to my increasingly hard cock, is a high almost beyond description. You are creative in the use of all of your assetts, and in me, you have met your match. You sound special, and thank you for sparking my senses this beautiful morning.


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