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12/27/2005 12:34 am

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Our mouths
connected as one, tongues thrusting. YOU feel My
hips rise, the unseen unsaid signal, fingertips move
and slide my panties over long naked legs, light
touches to inner and outer thighs and calves. I
pushe your mouth from My face, down over My neck,
whimpering as lips kiss me, leaving tongue trails.
down my naked body, my legs
open, exposing my artfully trimmed lips, my
fingertips slowly entering the wet welcoming folds.
I reache up, pulling off
your t shirt, teasing your lips with my passion flavor.your T shirt is thrown to the floor, i pull you closer
again, guiding you to my belly, its quivering telling
you what to do. my legs open wider as your lips and
mouth take My tight flesh, soft nibbles, tongue
flicks. you open my legs even more, exposing pink
lips, glistening dampness. Pausing long enough to
inhale my aroma Then
returning to that warm inviting flesh, making tongue
trails down my body, your lips find my thighs first.
Leaving tongue trails up and down each side of my
thighs, not quite touching those wet glistening lips.
my hips rise to meet your probing tongue, soft nibbles
of my outer lips, tongue entering me. Licking up
and down my wet folds, inner then outer lips, the tip of your
tongue finds my wet throbbing clit. Sucking it inside your warm
mouth, so your tongue can fully taste it, my hips push
the luscious love mound hard onto your mouth. I guide
YOUR fingers to my nipples, I smile as I see how
hard my nipples are, my hips drive even
harder as YOUR fingertip enters me, caressing my
throbbing g spot. I pull YOUR pj's down, exposing
YOUR throbbing member, hard, tip wet, I stroke it
with MY warm tender fingers. I positions YOU SO MY lips move
to the head, MY tongue flicking out, caressing it.
As I take YOU deeper into my mouth, YOUR tongue responds in kind,
going deep inside ME, reaching for and finding MY g
spot, As I slowly cover YOUR head
with MY lips, MY tongue flicks it, tasting YOUR
glistening precum. MY juices cover, trickle inside
YOUR mouth, the sweet flavor driving YOU evermore to
rising passion. YOUR hips slide YOU deeper inside MY
hungry lips, OUR passion moving US to new heights.
MY legs open wider, wanting YOUR tongue deeper,
wanting YOUR fingertips to continue their caresses of
MY throbbing clit. I releases MY stroking of YOUR
tightly filled sac, long enough to get a glimps of YOU
SUCKING ON MY lips, tongue thrusting, then a look of MY lips
sucking YOU deep inside ME. YOUR moans as MY lips
squeeze hard onto YOUR head, all the way down YOUR hard
joyshaft of passion. The vibrations make hMY lips
as MY legs wrap around YOUR head. OUR passion is
uable to be held back any longer, I fills YOU with
MU love juices, as YOU cover MY tongue with YOUR hot
fiery load. As I takes every drop of YOU, sucking
and squeezing it all, YOU take every glistening
drop of me onto YOUR tongue, inside YOUR mouth, till WE both
have nothing left to give. Only the sultry afterglow
of passion in each others eyes, lying beside each
other, smiling the smile reserved for lovers, WE
cuddle and hold onto each other. Knowing that in a
while, more will arise again, the afternoon has just

bomba1256701 71M
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12/29/2005 1:03 am

Wow what a Christmas present you would be. I would love to be the man in your story and comming from Australia I am used to spending time "down-under". I would cross the Pacific to spend time with you and caress all of your lips. i hope one day that i could get to Arizona and further US - Australian relations.

rm_afgoodguy 72M
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12/30/2005 11:49 pm

You write such sensual stories.

rm_swabby1946 71M

1/13/2006 2:34 am


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