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I removed my panties and he took me and laid me back on the patio chair, lifting my legs over his shoulders. He placed his tongue on my lips, and let his fingers begin to open the folds to my womanhood. I reached MY hands behind my head as my hips began to gyrate back and forth. my moans escaped my mouth telling him how much I enjoyed him doing this and how good he was at it. He reached his hands underneath my body and helped me to turn over. I was now on MY hands and knees as he began to take and let his tongue explore MY innermost points. MY head thrashed about wildly as I grasped at the towel on the patio chair. His hands clamped tightly on my ass, as your tongue moved back and forth from MY passionate love button to MY hot, moist, and wanting loveing pussy lips

He positioned his hefty arching member at the entrance to my pulsating and throbbing vagina. HE began with slow steady thrust not taking long to building himself up to a quicken pace that had both our bodies writhing in pleasure and ecstasy.

He reached around and began to slowly massage my firm breast as our bodies thrust back and forth into each other. His sac slapping and rocking back and forth on my love button, sending electric waves pulsing throughout my body. I reached through my legs and placed my fingertips on his sac massaging it.

Taking me and placing me now on my stomach, my legs lifted with his powerful rippling arms and cradled me in the nook of his elbow. He began to thrush again inside of my wet hot sweet pussy, wanting me to know the delights and pleasures that he can bring me. Showing me how much it is that I really mean to him. He leans in and begin to kiss MY swollen and panting mouth. MY whole body begins to shake and quiver, his thrust become more intense as he wants ME to remember this day forever.

I threw my head back and the muscles of my inner being begin to massage and aching erection. He feels my juices begin to flow as i screams out in pleasure. Not knowing how much he can stand he wills himself to let go as he sends his seed shooting into my deepest point, causing me to cry out again in ecstasy.

He stands and hands hme a robe using a like one to cover himself. He helps me to my feet and then slowly drops to one knee and looks deeply into MY dancing btown eyes, asking me, " Please marry me."

i look into yrur eyes, tears forming in my own. i answer you by placing a very passionate loving kiss on your lips. They part and i tell you that i would be crazy not to accept yes my sexy loveing man I will

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