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8/27/2006 6:50 pm

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More about me

Let me take a second to explain the title of my blog. A hoecake is really a type of food though thats not the way I mean it. I like hummor and this was my way of being funny. I maybe more promisques then your average girl but yeah lets leave it at that. Okay so I always get the same questions from people so why dont I take the time to answer them.

First off what I am looking for?
I am looking to meet some people make some firends and go from there. If this leads to naked fun all the better. However I am not exsactly looking for a realtionship ither. I am fresh out of a pretty intense realtionship and I am not looking to jump right into another one. If it happened whatever who am I to shut the door on mr right. Although I am not going to shut the door on mr right now ither. But I am also a girl with needs come on now I am not a nun this girl needs to get laid just like everyone else. I have a healthy sexual appitite. I am also 100% sane and healthy. This means I am not just going to jump into bed with some guy who sends me a quick email. I would like to know somthing about a guy before I fuck him, call me old fashion I know. I am also not looking for a strickly one night stand thing ither. I would much perfer to make a fuckbuddy who I could sleep with from time to time.

What am I looking for in a guy?
Well lets get the basics out of the way, I want some one seemingly close to my age, I like older but not be my father older. IE if you 50 your literally older then my father I am probably the age if not younger then that of your own childern and come on now thats just creepy. Now I do like older I have been with guys in thier 30s and I enjoyed that so olders good. Just not be my daddy older.
I also perfer guys who are aveage weight or better but I also want a guy who takes care of himself. If you get winded walking up a flight of stands then you probably couldnt handle me anyway. I am not a skinny mini so I like a guy whos strong and built strong.
I also love a guy with a sence of humor. I am fairly sarcastic so a guy who can give it back to me aswell as takes it gets bonus points with me. So if you can make me laugh or at least make me smile well then that goes along way.
Lastly I love agressive. An agressive guy is almost asure to get laid, haha I totally just said that oh well if it makes me sound hoeish. I did say almost right. I mean I have some standards. I just really find aggressive a total turn on. I dont want to make the first move but I am more then willing to make the first, second third well you get the picture. I am totally flirty so I know a guy knows I am into him. I think its his place to make the move.

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8/28/2006 11:21 am


rm_kissNcunny 50M
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8/28/2006 1:16 pm

I love Hoecake! It's just good eating
And I really, really like to eat.

rm_MeUandBamboo 45M/39F
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8/29/2006 2:44 pm

Girl, I know where you sare coming from . I lovce a good hoecake but, you probably want to explain what a hoecake is to the non-southeners. Rock on girl

rm_kissNcunny 50M
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8/30/2006 12:23 pm

    Quoting rm_MeUandBamboo:
    Girl, I know where you sare coming from . I lovce a good hoecake but, you probably want to explain what a hoecake is to the non-southeners. Rock on girl
Oh it doesn't matter. If she's hot and wet I'll eat it. Be an extra bonus if she squirts.

FuckMePlease_699 29M
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9/23/2006 7:18 am

Seem like one cool girl

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