Expressions of a Monday  

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2/6/2006 8:31 am

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Expressions of a Monday

The weekend is done, and it's left me in a precarious mood. So in an attempt to pull me out of my funk I've chosen poetry class today. It reminded me why I shouldn't read the newspaper.

I locked my door today . . .

You came into my world
and left chaos in your steps.
The paper said two victims
were all that you had met.

Your actions were so ugly
You left fear in your wake.
There will be some reprecussions
for bad choices that you make.

If you come into my world again
You better hope we don't meet.
For the rage that's left within me
will be laid upon your feet.

You will meet your maker
this I know so well.
and when you meet your maker
May you forever rot in hell.

My second attempt was written to hopefully bring some comfort, let go of pent up anger.

An Old Man Spoke to Me . . .

An old man came and spoke to me
his journey nearing end
he knew his stories would tell
of healing hearts that needed mend.

He spoke not of his riches
or awards that he had won
He spoke more of his family
and the things that they had done.

He shared with me his memory
of a life I once had known
It contained so many meanings
for the people he called his own.

Our conversations spoke of many things
the many choices we would make
He reminded me of life's worth
the many journeys yet to take.

His visit brought me comfort
with his hope and God's will
I know now he walks beside me
I feel he's with me still.

F1reman6969 50M

2/6/2006 12:16 pm

i saw some art this weekend and it was beautiful.
now i read your poetry and i'm moved again.
i love the balance between the two poems.
thank you for being on this site and not somewhere else.


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