how can it be possible!?  

happydaze1960 57M
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8/2/2006 9:17 am

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8/22/2006 8:48 am

how can it be possible!?

How can it be possible, that most of the people on here, searching for either love, friendship, or just plain no strings sex, basically only want an e-mail buddy, or even worse, just want to be nosy, and see if they can find their neighbors on here? I dont get it. There's so much available on the wicked web, why be here if your not going to open the door when opportunity knocks? How can it be possible, to not even have to have the common decency to at least respond to an invite, or e-mail, with a polite no thank you, or even a f---off a---hole. At least that way, someone knows you took the time, and made 1/2 the effort that they did, reading your phony profile, to at least read what they wrote.
How can it be possible to send out over 50 emails, and get responses from less than 10.?
How can it be possible for most of those being links to url's for cam shows?
Could it be possible, that those who are writing these blogs have figured out that the other things on these sites are mostly fake and therefore writing a blog while your here @ least makes it worth your while! Somebody, a real body, might even take the time to respond and post a comment!

allnaturalf65 52F

8/8/2006 5:49 am

I think you are really a nice guy. Im sorry that you have been ignored. but if you were not ignored then maybe you would not be giving me the same curtesy that i have given you. As i have said before men want barbie and most woman want ken. And if your not ken the only way to get barbie is to have rockefellers wallet.(and be willing to open it) The real woman arent that shallow. Plus this is a sex web site. Ultimately isnt the end result in most relationships? You want a partner or friend for eventually having sex as a bonus. Except on here if they dont call you again you know why! It was strictly sex. Phony adds are everywhere.. and besides.. do people really travel all over the country to get laid? And would ken really want a woman with all her stuff hanging out for everyone to see? Im old fashioned and i was raised to believe that a gentleman wants a lady on his arm in public and whore in bed at night... I think most poeple on here are for the curiosity, something to talk about, and shock value.. Im just glad there are some decent poeple on here.. somethings are meant to be discovered on there own.. in there own time. My private areas are just that..private. Not for the www nor for AdultFriendFinder. I want to be respected and therefore i need to respect myself. Im you are repectable.

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