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8/27/2005 9:00 am

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Welcome !

Thanks for dropping in. I am a big John Willie fan and enjoy his style of artwork. I would love to hear from other fans and lovers of high heels and light/visual bondage. I am more of a voyeur than anything. I have been interested in knots and tying since I was 8 or 9 I don't remember now.

I was at my uncle's house and found a book that showed women tied in different positions. This was always a must see when I would visit the relatives 2 or three times a year. Ever since I saw this I have been turned on by women in flexed postures. I do not thrive on causing pain in others. Quite the opposite. It is a huge turn off to cause pain in an unwilling partner. I have found that there are folks out there that crave to be bound as much as I crave binding.

I have have recently seen the movie 'The Secretary'. An excellent movie that explores the dom sub relationship as a normal behavior rather than a disease to be cured. It was very refreshing to see a couple find happiness in this manner. Most interestingly was the Dom character who struggles with his desires and feels he must reject them only to be opened up by a sub who is coming to terms with her desires. He is shown that there are others that share his idiosyncracies.

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