The Troops, The War,  

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6/4/2006 1:12 pm

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The Troops, The War,

Let me say first and foremost that in the beginning I really did think this was the right thing to do...go and invade Iraq and take down Saddam. Well, as this thing drags out and drags out, I think we made a boo-boo.

This is the Vietnam of the X generation.

We should have gone to Baghdad in 1991...this would be a non-issue right now.

I DO NOT...let me re-emphasize that...DO NOTdenounce our service men and women that are over there though. They deserve our support, our thoughts and prayers. I don't agree with being there now, but these people are there, and need to know that even if we don't agree with the war, they are supported for the job they are doing. I come from a military background, as many of the men in my family on both sides served in World War 2, Vietnam, Korea, and even one who served in Desert Storm 1. I did not serve in the military, but hearing what these men did, and went through, they have earned a tremendous amount of respect from me and I believe that every service man (and woman) deserves that same respect.

Odd tangent...does sex become an "unnecessary war" sometimes? Like you spend all your time, effort, and resources chasing something unattainable or unnecessary? Like maybe your resources are better directed? Think of how many females you try to connect with on a daily basis...whether thru here or thru other means. Realistically, how many of them do you think you'd have a chance with? Say out of 10...maybe 3? Why spread the focus around on all 10, and focus on the 3 you know you could get with?

Just some random musings...that's all...

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