Oh, what would I do if...  

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11/30/2005 2:43 pm

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Oh, what would I do if...

I often wonder to myself, what would I do if the right situation came along here. You know what I mean...right girl, right timing, right place.

I believe in giving a woman what she wants. She has a say-so in how a night goes. If she says no to sex, it's alright. If she says yes to all of it, then that's alright too. If she even just wants to "talk dirty" and stuff, it's all good.

Ideally, if all the "rights" came into alignment, I'd want it to be like this:
- do something as an "ice breaker". Sorry, but I am just not a "show up at the door and fuck" kind of guy. Maybe I would be if she showed up at the door naked or something...but generally I'm not one to get going right when I get there...too many nerves. Watch some TV, go have dinner, something like that. Just break the ice a little and make sure that the mood is set.
- Once that moment's right...she wants it, I want it, and it's time to "get to business", start slow. Kissing a little, fondling, playing around, nothing real fast and agressive (unless that's where the night is headed of course).
- One of those things that, if she loves it and wants it this way: Gotta do a little bit of the oral. I love giving it to a woman, and getting it from a woman. I don't know what it is about oral, but it gets me going.
- Of course, the next step is obvious from there. That "horizontal tango" if you will.

For whatever reason, I love being a "slow-hand" when it comes to sex. I can't rush through it like a wild animal and be done in 20 minutes or something.

Just more musings for you...from my brain to yours.

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