Of Christmas Parties, Snow, and Car Repairs  

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12/15/2005 9:28 pm

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Of Christmas Parties, Snow, and Car Repairs

Finally! After 2 months I got a car repair bill paid in full! Talk about difficult...and things just don't get cheaper. Just to pass PA's inspection requirements, I needed almost $500 worth of repairs. What a letdown...and that was 2 months ago! I'm thankful for a mechanic who let me work the bill out like he did, though.

As I sit here watching it snow (yeah, again), I realize that tomorrow night is the office Christmas party. We just get together, hang out (it's a small office with 13 people) and eat, play cards, talk, drink a little (if you're me you drink one and that's it because you're driving), eat some more, and watch a few folks get drunk. It's actually pretty funny watching a couple of them...they don't hold their liquor well. It does make for a pretty long day though...I usually just go to work then stay there because the party starts once the work day is over. Being separated (and a smoke-filled office) means my wife won't be there. Granted, there's no ladies to hit on...but I'll be there by myself.

Which sux.

So, is there a lady from Johnstown available on New Years' Eve, so I don't have to do that night alone as well?

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