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12/5/2005 4:04 pm

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Well, finally no more doing this from the office. Now that the local PC doctor (yours truly) has figured out the bug that's had my PC down for 3 weeks, it's back to working from home. Which means I COULD be more open about things.

Then the flu bug hits. And for those playing along at home, yes, the flu squashes your sex drive. So, even if the lady I'd want to be with contacts me, it'll be at least a week before I can get with her. S'alright I guess...it'd help to get to know her.

I keep dreaming though. I was thinking today about an ideal encounter...it was in a short nap I took at the office during the lunch hour from my cold meds, but hey, it seemed to flow just fine?

I find the name "Shelly" sexy. Dunno why. Just humor me for a few minutes, ok. But Shelly and I meet for dinner. A quiet meal together in the privacy of her home (it was her invite). Candlelight dinner, quiet music, and light conversation all fill the time together. Then, she invites me to come with her to her hot tub. The thing is big enough for eight, but it's just us two. More candlelight, more quiet music, but there's just one problem: See, I didn't think a hot tub was involved in this night. Shelly gives a shy smile, and says, "well, we could just get in naked?"

Slow kissing, slow undressing, and we end up in the hot tub together. Sharing the moment quietly, with drinks, light conversation, some kissing and caressing. After a little while, we get out, and with towels wrapped around us we head to the bedroom. Dimly lit, with satin sheets and such, the mood is just right for more kissing and caressing. I offer her massage, to which she smiles and says "certainly". I massage every inch of her beautifully soft skin, and as the massage goes on, we just melt more and more into the moment, forgetting the world around us and focusing on each other and the moment. More kissing, and eventually...


The phone rings at my desk.

Never fails...oh well, a guy can dream a little, I guess.

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