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11/29/2005 3:15 pm

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A place to muse...

I love writing in blogs. I have a few (I won't advertise them though) that I work on regularly in other places. It's a good place for me to get my thoughts out and not really care who reads it. Maybe it's my cerebral, engineer-type mentality.

Why write one on here? For the fun of it I guess, and to maybe release a bit of that "sexual tension" that I get going on.

You hit that dry spell sometimes, where you lack that special woman to spend time with intimately...you don't want it to be all business all the time but you just want some fun. I think about a place where I was a while ago...to be holding a woman in my arms, caressing her, giving her the kind of physical attention she wanted. It was a glorious place to be certain. I guess I kind of miss that.

If I were to be asked "who is the perfect girl for you?" I'd answer it this way:
- age bracket: 26-33. I'm not into older women, and I don't know what it is exactly but I've not met too many women under 26 who were "mature" enough (i.e., still that gum-snapping teenie that annoys me). Now that's not saying there aren't mature women under 26...there certainly are. But it's my experience to the contrary, so I steer clear.
- Intelligent. Please, use your head for more than a hat rack or a hairstyle display! I'm not talking rocket scientist, but at least have some common sense.
- Looks: they rate fairly high on the list but it's not the overall thing with me. I try so hard to not be prejudiced here, and beauty is not just in the body and looks, but I guess it's a reflection of the inner qualities. If I might go on a tangent, I love a girl with a nice body, but not Barbie-doll perfect (you do realize, with Barbie's proportions, she couldn't stand up?). I'm a guy...I'm drawn to a woman's breasts and I do notice if a woman is "flat" too. And a nice pair of breasts with the right pair of jeans...ouch. You'd have my attention all night if that's what you wanted.
- Character: I've struggled in some relationships because of character issues. Lying isn't good, nor are unfounded accusations. Have character, be truthful, and it's all good.

Well, I've blabbed on enough for the first post. Comment away

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