Thwarted Again!!!!  

gypsy1629 42F
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5/30/2006 9:41 pm

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6/1/2006 5:12 am

Thwarted Again!!!!

Went fishing again today....such a marvelous day...not too hot and not too cold...just a perfect fishing day...

and all was going well for the first hour and a fish caught but I was having a is a healing thing for good for my spirit and it gets me out of the house...

Around 5....right at the start of a good fishing peak I might god damned reel up and broke on me!!!!

I have no idea what happend, as I do not know the innards of reels all that well....there was just a lil doohickey least I remembered seeing something there and when I could no longer reel my line in I took the thing lil doohickey in sight...I looked all over the luck finding the thing...

So now I must wait till pay day and see if I can afford a new one....Good lord I hope I can...I will be miserable if I cannot go fishing...thats my ME time!

Then the cable ppl called wanting their money...which I neglected to pay this month...then they threatened to turn it off altogether...I live for my cable...I have shows I need to watch/listen to...

I asked if they could hold off two days til I get paid...they hemmed and hawed me...finally I just said then tell me how much the reconnection fee will be as I can send the check for that and my bill and by the time they get it the money would be in the bank...

This helped...I deal with the same lady every now and again...she said, well can you be in the office Thursday morning...I said yes...she said okay...that she would put in a request to keep me active until late Friday awesome...I can still go and pay that and no late fee or reconnection fee will be required...and no shutting off either!

Just to be safe I stayed offline for several hours tonight and got my fiil on the boob tube...

I also got some exercising into my night...I actually wore myself out...I just sorta fell warning whatsoever...just a quick lil nap but it sure felt great! And thankfully it was not too long of one or I would be up all night!

So how was your day?


warmandsexy52 65M
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5/31/2006 8:29 am

Yesterday was quiet. Working on my thesis and drifting in and out of blogland. Kind of frustrated because I'm waiting for flyable skies and they're either too wet or too windy for paragliding. Today is much the same, but had the additional sadness of going to a child's funeral.

I do hope tomorrow holds for you less frustrations.

warm xx

rm_upalllnight3 55M
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6/1/2006 1:17 am

I wanted to go fishing on Wed morning and had the same problem you have, went to make a cast and could not reel the line back in the spin cast thing wont flip back over to reel in line. Dam thing was fine last Oct when I put it away. Gives me reason to buy something a little better that I wanted anyway.

I have a small boat and hope that I can get it in water this weekend and get out on lake and do some real fishing and relaxing with nature my stress relief.

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