ASAP!!!!...seems to mean nothing  

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3/24/2006 12:01 am

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ASAP!!!!...seems to mean nothing

As some may know I was a member on here for a few months as defiantgypsy when I got deleted....nary a e-mail as to what crime I may have posted or committed for this to happen, I e-mailed them as the "team" suggested I do and it has been many many hours since I have done this...they say they will get back to me ASAP...well....nothing from them I need to leave more e-mails with this "team" or what?

Now I have to worry if some or most people will consider me a troll or whatever it is you call people who have had more than one profile.

I love coming to this site, I made many friends and love going to the advice I have to rebuild it all from the ground up...I am angry and frustrated as hell...but I guess in the end of it all...all I can do is bitch a lil and then get over it....

Well I guess thats it for the moment...will post more soon.

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