Get Rid Of The Gag  

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5/17/2006 5:15 pm
Get Rid Of The Gag

Im writing this for a few patients that are having problems with gagging. (Im writing a novel on oral sex, and will post it when im done.)
OK, you give a pretty mean blow job, and feel you would indeed give the worlds most perfect blowjob, except for that damn last half an inch.You can suck for hours, get him off in 30 seconds, suck start his harley if he asked you to, but you just cant get past that damn last half an inch. well, help is on the way. (This is assuming your doing all the other stuff, relaxing, breathing through your nose, ect. ect. but still yammy all over his nut sack when he jams it home.)
1 small bottle of cherry chloraseptic (2 oz size)
1 tube of cherry baby orajel.
(get both at a local pharmacy)
empty about a third of the chloraseptic out of the bottle. then open and squeeze the entire tube of baby orajel into the bottle, replace the pump top and shake until everythings desolved.
to use spray 4 or 5 squirts of this nasty concoction into the back of your throat and swallow, and bam.... no gag reflex.

1) if your allergic to benzocaine, this will definately kill you.
2) Do not attempt to drink anything until this wears off, you will drown.
3) If you use way too much, you will numb up the end of his penis and youll never get done...

Hope this helps.

Dr. Eric

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