The Rules of our meeting.  

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3/7/2006 4:39 pm

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3/21/2006 9:10 pm

The Rules of our meeting.

Honestly we are still a little new to this as a couple. I have rules about any encounter we have and wish for them to be respected.

1.We are a couple so we DO NOT PLAY ALONE.

2. We PLay in same room encounters only.

3.There is no kissing, licking and sucking on male or female any where above the shoulders. that is for both givers and recievers.
(I'm sorry my rules i believe those are emotional spots only for our selves to enjoy.)

4. IF you expect to recieve any kind of oral male or female SHAVE!!!! (we shave we want encounters to be well groomed down there nothing old school.)

5. ALl women must be lesbian or bi females only.
(if your curious at least try it if your uncomfortable we'll stop.)

6.We expect any one we meet to be friendly. IF you don't like us just kindly excuse your selves dont sit there and make us feel bad. we all have our prefrences.

7. If we set up an encounter don't stand us up. please notify us hours before so we don't sit there waiting.

8. If your a single male you must be bi or bi curious straight. if you can't handle touching another man during play time don't bother us.

8.Couples that are not both bi please understand the meaning bi cuious. My husband is not going to grab or touch any men unless they ask him to do soo. don't be scared of us cause we are both bi. we understand limits.

9. Gay men if you are not bi or into any kind of female intercourse. Don't bother us,.

10. We do accept black males but you must have a facial pic as well as body pic. unless you are a couple.

11. Single women. you must be bi or lesbian and ok with my husband he will join us for every encounter.


rm_ecko350z 33M

8/22/2006 8:55 am

i would love to meet and become friends

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