Worlds colliding  

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2/10/2006 12:00 am

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Worlds colliding

I remember an episode of Seinfeld when George Castanza talked about how his dating life with his girlfriend could not collide with his life with his friends or life would not be able to be the same. How by allowing the two worlds to meet "independent George" would have to cease.

Today at work I was talking to 2 of the gals I work with about something similar. We were talking about how shy the one girl is. And I mentioned that I am also extremely shy. They looked at me with a confused look of disbelief because I am extremely open and agressive at work. The one gal said going around and showing people I was wearing a thong was not shy. I then had to explain that the way I act around single prospective women, is not the same as I act at work, and that I act different around family and different when blogging. Essentially I live different lifes depending on who I am interacting with and the consequeces. For instance the stuff that I write hear will not be seen by people in my other "lives". The one gal told me that she felt that if I could act they I do at work, around the girls in the bar that I would probably be getting laid every night, rather then never getting laid.

This brings me to a question for everyone. Sometimes we allow our blogging/AdultFriendFinder life to overlap our real life by choice. I don't really like my worlds to collide unless I have control over it. However I recently had my two world collide accidentally. About 6 weeks ago a blogger posted on her/his about a project she was working on where she was stumped and asked for our help. Pretty harmless, yet my blogging life poked its head into my real life when sitting watching the Super Bowl. Although she didn't come right out and say the project she was working on was a commercial but when I saw a commercial during the Super Bowl it was clearly the project she had worked on. So finally the question: How often has you blogging world accidentally collided with your real life. Whether it be something small like my example or something else like family finding out you were on AdultFriendFinder, etc.

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