The Thong Story  

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2/5/2006 9:45 pm

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The Thong Story

I have been wanting to type out this blog for a while, but have been rather hesitant, however, today I came to the revelation it must be told. I actually posted part of this story on 2 other profiles blogs, but felt it really needs to be on my blog. It is just a funny story that is dying to be told. The main reason I feel it needs to be told is that several people who I told this story to have share it with others so it has got to be told. I told my sister and brother in law this story last weekend. This weekend my power was out so I went over to my sisters house. My nephew (20 yo) was there so I ask him if he wanted to here a real funny story, and he told me that if it was what he thought it was going to be then he had already heard it. I started to tell the story to him and my nieces boyfriend and he said yes it was the story he had heard. I told him that he hadn't heard me tell it (Nobody tells a story like I do) and commenced to tell the story. he and my nieces boyfriend wer cracking up through the whole story. Today I went over there again becuase my power was out still. My 2 nieces were there also. I asked one if she wanted to hear a funny story, and she said she had already heard it. I asked here who told her the story and she said 3 different people (my sister, brother in law, and nephew) had told her. So I told her that she hadn't heard the story from me (nobody tells a story like I do) and commenced to tell the story to her and my other niece. During the middle of the story the phone rang. My niece answered the call and told the person (her friend) she couldn't talk right now because she was getting a story told to her. I continued the story. After I finished the story my niece called her friend and I suggested she tell her friend the story. She started to tell the story to her friend but her friend had already heard it. Later my sister came home and I told her I told the story to my niece, and she told me she had told the girls she worked with the story. So I figured if this many people have taken the time to repeat the story it must be good. So here it is:

THE THONG STORY: I work with two girls. A young girl (23) and an older girl (40). From this point on in the story I shall refer to them as girl23 and girl40. Girl40 is my production leader. She wears thongs exclusively. She wears lowcut pants and sits on a stool hunched over a computer which causes about 6 inches of her thong to be exposed. Girl23 almost never wears thongs. On one Saturday girl23 came up to girl40 while I was standing next to girl40. Girl23 reaches into her wasteband and pulls out the strap of her white thong and says look what I wore today. Girl40 exposes her thong and says she wore her black one today. They commenced to talk about there thongs, how they wear them to the tanning bed, girl40 takes hers off when tanning, girl23 leaves hers on. I mentioned that I liked the blue and green polkaday one that girl40 wears. And the 3 of us had a 15 minute conversation on thongs. The following Monday I mentioned to girl40 that I was thinking of buying a thong and wearing it just so I could fit in and to make a funny joke. She encouraged me to wear a thong. So on the way home from work I stopped at the local Target and checked out the price of mens thongs. To my surprise thongs were on clearance. A package of 5 for $5 (what a steal). I figure for $5 it would be worth the joke so I decide to buy them. The only problem is that I can't very well buy just thongs. I am just a little to modest to be purcahseing thongs. So I buy a new shirt, and slacks and The Muppet Wizard of OZ video and the thongs. I put the shirt over the thongs, but I am sorta giggling to myself knowing what I am buying the thongs for. I get home and try on a pair just to make sure that I can stand them for a full day. I decided to wear the pair to bed. I sleep in the fetus position so the strap was riding against my sphincter muscles pretty good; I dreamed I was shitting my pants (It was a good thing it was only a dream). I put on a new thong and went to work, being sure to leave my shirt untucked to be able to quickly expose the thong strap. I get to work and start chatting with girl40 and tell her I went to the store and she asked me what I bought. I show her the thong strap and she started laughing. She asked girl23 to come over and asked her guess what I was wearing. She asked what so I showed her the strap. Later our supervisor came in and I mentioned to him that I admired girl40 (my production leader) so much that I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to be so much like that I started wearing thongs just like she does, and exposed the strap. My supervisor was shocked, amazed, horrorified and greatly amused all it one. He put his hands to his face as if to block light from a huge flash. I told a few other people the joke but was asked not to show anymore people to make sure I didn't offend anyone. Later I had to go to the bathoom and noticed something strange. The left band and the right band did not match, the were different sizes. I thought that I had accidentally bought factory rejects since they were so cheap. But on closer examination I realize that I have them on wrong. I accidentally stepped into the leg opening rather then the waste opening. The bathroom is crowde, so I can't really just take off my shoes and pants and correct my thong. I remember a less crowded restroom at the far end of the building. SO I have to girl40 and let her know that I need to take a short break so I change my thong since it is on wrong. She had to laughed, and was so amused she told me I had to tell girl23. So we go over to girl23 and I ask her to watch my machine for a while. I am extremely embarassed at this point and when she asks why I show her how one thong strap is narrower then the other side and that I need to put them on correct. So I go and adjust them (they were actually more comfortable on wrong). In any case I enjoyed wearing them so much that bought more and wear them exclusicely.

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2/8/2006 12:09 pm

LOL, I just find them a bit uncomfortable myself.

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