Rainbow Girl  

gussax 52M
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1/29/2006 12:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Rainbow Girl

I was in the bar
just the other night
When I saw this girl
an incredicle sight.

She had on a tight mini
skirt dark lavender,
My eyes couldn't help
but fathom her.

She was wearing a magenta top
with a chartreuse "E".
She defintiely wasn't your
typical bar floozie.

She had obvious implants
shaped like large oranges.
That chest could knock
the doors off their door hinges.

She was the stripper that night
wearing stilettos of purple.
Rather then use a brass pole
they gave her a fur pole.

Her lipstick enticed you
in that light shade of fushia.
You only hoped at the end
she might just choose ya.

The bar was closing, they turned off the neon.
She will definitely be
going home with this peon.

Sister_Act_4_You 39F/39F

1/29/2006 11:29 am

Well, fuck, what can I say about a poem that tackles, and makes rhymes out of, "lavender", "chartreuse E", "oranges", "purple", and "fuchsia"....oh, and "neon", no less. lol!

p.s. Sorry, but I posted another comment on your first message before I realized you had added more to your blog.

gussax 52M

1/29/2006 4:32 pm

Louisa: This was purely me, and not a muse writing this one. I am always looking for a challenge in life, and had always heard that there was no rhyme for orange. It dawned on me one day that to rhyme you don't have to always use just one word. So I deliberately chose words I knew did not have typical rhyme, and accepted my own challange.

Plano69 55M

1/30/2006 9:13 am

LOL! Those places are dangerous... One night I was chased around the parking lot of a popular "Men's Club" by a toothless woman who kept trying to undo my pants! Cured me of any sexual desire for almost a month!

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