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1/29/2006 5:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I think I'm heading in the right direction with this blogging. I admit I am satisfied so far with the views and comments on my first blog, but would actually like to share with more people so I started browsing more blogs in a hope of making more contacts. The more people who read my posts on other blogs, the more my blog will get read. This all reminded me of a something I heard at some time ago in my life. I can't remember who told me this, and when but it just came back to me. They told me that in life they try to interact with as many people as possible and skim the cream off the top of them. Regardless of who the person is there will always be something that is worth skim off of them. I guess that is now my goal with this blogging.

I figured if I was going to write about cream, I could only do it while listening to "The Very Best of Cream" and when doing so this verse from Tales of Brave Ulysess spoke to me. It is about the goddess Aphrodite, but I think it applies to all the sexy women blogging on this site, ad how a real woman is capable of capturing you with her body, yet effecting the very essence of your mind:

You see a girls brown body
Dancing trough the turquoise
And her footprints make you follow
Where the sky loves the sea.

And when your fingers find her
she drowns you in her body
carving deep blue ripples
in the tissues of your mind.

I'll admit that most of the blogs I read will entice me with their sexy pictures, but I will be able skim the cream off the top and receive stimulation of the mind.

Sister_Act_4_You 39F/39F

1/29/2006 11:33 am

You are correct that visiting other blogs that you enjoy and/or admire and leaving comments will bring more people to your own blog.

It would appear that you are off to a very good start!

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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1/29/2006 6:05 pm

Glad you are enjoying it and doing well

Purry {=}


gussax 52M

1/30/2006 12:16 am

mizzkitka: I found out that you were more then just a cute picture when I read your profile (yes I do take the time to read profiles) and mentioned you were only on here for the blogging, so I knew you had something to offer.

Plano69 55M

1/30/2006 9:09 am

Haha! I knew you'd enjoy this!
Love that Cream song... only have it on vinyl though and since record-player needles are so hard to come by, haven't heard it in years... thanks for bringing it back into my memory...

ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
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1/30/2006 4:26 pm

that's some pretty worthy advice, it is right on.

gussax 52M

1/31/2006 12:11 am

plano69: yeah anything by Clapton is OK by me. I don't know how anyone can write music and lyrics like that.

gussax 52M

1/31/2006 12:15 am

snatchmatch71: I can't remember for sure when I first heard it, but I think it was actually a preacher who had said it back in my ultra ultra ultra religeous days. I went to Bob Jones University (South Carolina) for 2 months. I joke with people and tell them that even Alice Cooper last a full sememster there. I could only last half a semester.

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