Trick or Treat  

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7/18/2006 8:07 am

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Trick or Treat

I had arrived at our secret meeting place preparing for the events to come. Eagerly awaiting your arrival, I was set and anxious. My mouth watered in anticipation and my palms were sweaty from nerves. You had a key and knocked. I opened the door slightly. No one was around, not that it mattered. I looked at you and questioningly asked, 'Trick or Treat'. You were intrigued knowing I was hiding something but what would that surprise be? Something different? You answered with a smile, 'Treat'. Standing behind the door, I opened it so you wouldn't see me ... yet. Then I closed it and leaned against the same wall. I was so so so nervous ... and it felt like forever before you turned around and stared. Wow... what a surprise and damn what an outfit. You laughed. I kinda laughed too. It was hard not to.

The outfit was truly sinfully sexy and a perfect role. The spikey black heel knee-high boots, the black thigh-high fishnet stockings, the black spandex so-called mini skirt or scrap of fabric, and the black spandex skin tight short zipper top that molded and accented every curve and unzipped to display that mouth watering cleavage. Very eye catching indeed. The sexy stripper police officer costume complete with badge, hat and hatcuffs. You thought .... what's she up to? Hmmm.. this could be interesing so I'll play along. I pushed off the wall, sauntering over and in role said, ' I hear you've been naughty lately'. You reply, 'I have a tendency to be sometimes'. So I look at you and answer, 'I'm here to make sure you stay in line so have a seat.' You take a seat on the chair awaiting for the events to unfold. I want to smile and laugh but I'm committed to my role and I know you are eagerly awaiting what's coming next.

I walk over to turn some music on. The music is dark and erotic with a seductive beat. My hips start to slowly move to the music and our eyes meet. I smile, .... alluring and teasingly as if I'm daring you to look away. I take the hat off and throw it to the bed. My hair is down all loose and wild and I shake it out for effect. The music takes over as my arms and hands slowly caress my body and skin for you. You watch every movement. I turn around and continue my gyrating movements then slowly lean over so you can see under that scrap of material and glimpse my silky black thong. I turn my head to look at you and run my tongue over my lips. You're mesmerized. Your very own personal erotic dancer, truly a rare treat. Turning around, while moving my body to the seductive song, I start unzipping my top. I'm watching you as I remove it to reveal the black silky push-up bra. Very very naughty and very very stimulating. Delicious. I walk over to your chair, turn around and start removing the mini-skirt, sliding and slinking it off my moving hips, down my legs and to the floor. The outfit underneath is very appetizing. You're very aroused and enjoying the personal entertainment. It's every males dream. Turning around, I lean into you to steal a deep tongue sucking kiss. I'm ravenous. Your hands are at my sides, touching and feeling the smoothness and you can smell my sweet alluring scent that is beckoning you tocontinue the kiss. Mmmmm... so yummy. I stand up, move your legs together then I sit down staddling you. I start unbuttoning your shirt and undressing you as I'm slowly licking your neck, chin and up to your ear. After I have you shirtless, my hands stroke your delectable body while your hands have a mind of their own and they are moving the bra cups to feast on my breasts, squeezing, sliding and pinching the sensitive nipples and creating enough friction to have me purring in delight. I close my eyes reveling in the pleasure your hands are giving me. I can feel myself getting so wet and I want to squirm and push against your groin. Instead I unzip your pants and reach inside to touch your silky cock. So hard, so ready and all mine. I want it and all of you. I slowly end our little lap action and stand up. I'm so aroused and know it won't take much for me to climax. I slide the thong down and discard it along with the bra then hop on the bed. Looking at you I bend my finger and give you the come hither motion to follow me. You quickly discard the rest of your clothes and join me on the bed.

Our bodies intertwine as we kick and suck each other mouths in enjoyment. Skin on skin, hot bodies and so much sexual hunger the air is charged with sexual energy. You wonder where this is going so I lean in and whisper to you. You smile. More treats. ... you can't wait. You spot the oil and spread some on your finger then slowly spread my ass checks to rub the sweet smelling oil on my anus. You make sure we're well lubed. You look at me and I smile and say 'do it now'. Your hands close about my hips to steady me then you push the head of your cock against my tight little opening. I arch my back for you which results in my muscles relaxing so you can plunge forward. You moan as the tight walls of my flesh tightly encase you. So good and so damn tight. You reach down and start caressing my clit and hole. I'm so so so wet and incredibly aroused and you know my climax is close. You pull yourself out then push yourself in, slowly, slowly. You do this several times until I'm moaning in delight. My climax hits me as the waves of the most incredible pleasure roll over me again and again and again, I can barely breathe. My body is on fire and I feel so alive. Then I feel your climax hit as you erupt in hard spurts inside my body. You groan in mindless delight. It take us a few minutes to recover from our delicious treat and I'm reminded that I still have my fishnets and heels on. You lean over and kiss the back of my neck, moving my hair aside. Then you make me laugh.....and thank me for that 'sweet treat' and I remind you that you still have a 'Trick' left. The 'Treat' was merely the appetizer.

2daycowboywanted 46F

7/18/2006 9:29 am

And here is to hoping that you both feel much better!! Cheers!

tadpudgy 57M

7/18/2006 10:01 am

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i am gasping for air! new to computer and hope u don't mind a visitor. thank u for the words. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! too share that with a wonderful woman, well, i think i need to grab a very cold shower!!!

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