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You strolled into our meeting place and I was awaiting your arrival. I'm always amazed at my reaction - my heart races, my breasts tingle and I can't help that seductive smile that seems to take over. It's automatic. You do that to me. I was casually leaning against the wall wearing another surprise. You look forward to my surprises. Pure adult enjoyment. You can almost feel that electric excitement and taste the passion unfolding. You notice the shoes first - they are hard not to notice - high black platform sandals and my tonails painted bright pink. Then your eyes traveled upward to take in the plain white button down oxford shirt that reaches the tips of my thighs and slightly higher on the sides. It was unbuttoned down to my waist and you could see I had no bra on because my nipples were already hard and erect and could be seen through the shirt. My hair was down, slightly wavy and curlier at the ends. Dark hair with a reddish hue against a white backround ...alluring and arousing.

I stood up and walked over, ran my hands up your chest, circled your neck and said 'I've missed you.' It had been awhile since our last encounter but we knew that made it more special, more exciting, more tantillizing and more important to fulfill our illicit fantasies. You leaned over me and kissed my lips, softly, sweetly - as I parted my mouth inviting you deeper. You slanted your mouth over mine and tangled with my tongue mating insatiably. Oh it was delicious, slow and made me melt. It was filled with languid sexuality and a pure hunger. Your mouth made sweet love with mine, your teeth nibbled, tongue licking and seducing. I moaned and sank into your sensual embrace. Your hands slinked underneath the bottom of the shirt lifting it slowly and caressing my skin. You could feel my skimpy panties- just a string in the back and a small v in the front - practically nothing but so damn sexy. You whispered to me - 'Remember, what we talked about?' 'Yes' - I whispered back. 'Do you trust me?'- you continued. 'Absolutely' -was my reply. You backed me up to the side of the bed and slowly unbuttoned the shirt, sliding it down my arms and to the carpet. You smiled at the panties - bright pink. 'Turn around' - you asked. Then you said ' Bend forward and put your arms on the bed.'

You looked your fill of my position and those skimpy panties with my ass up in carnal invitation. You passed your hand over the rounded checks with delight and removed the panties. You quickly removed your clothes and I stole a peek and could see you were very aroused and hard. You moved forward and pressed your erection against my ass and you could feel my heat and dampness. Mmmmm - perfect fit with those hooker shoes. You placed your hands on my breasts and started playing with my nipples, rolling them between your fingers and pinching them. I was squirming in delight and against your erection. My body wanted more. Then you slid your hand between my legs and touched my hot and heated flesh. You started stroking me till you felt me swell and pulse with need. I pleaded with you - 'now, more, more'. You leaned over and spread me further. Then I could feel the head of your cock pushing in and stretching me. I moaned since it felt so good. You pushed more - I was always so damn tight. Then you started that exquisite mating dance of pushing in and pulling out - you appreciated the picture of me bent over, my tattoo in your vision - as you took me. I was so close to a climax and you could feel it. Your hand reached under and started stroking my clitoris. I was squirming from the pleasure and then I could feel it building and ready to explode. I arched my back and felt the tremendous waves of pleasure as they took me and pulsed through me. I knew you had held back and let me enjoy myself. After a few moments you removed your cock still hard and erect and you stood me up and turned me around. Then you said - 'my turn'.

I immediately knew what you wanted. I leaned in and kissed you - quick, fast, devouring then I started working my way down your chest, your stomach, and your hips - light kisses and licking till I was kneeling in front of you in perfect height with your hard, erect cock. My tongue reached out and started licking your smooth testicles. Long licks then sucking that skin. I moved to the underside and continued my delicious licking torture. Your hands moved to my hair and pushed me further towards you. Then I moved up your shaft and looking at you worked the head of your cock around with my tongue. Then my lips parted and I placed the head into my mouth. All warm and wet. I sucked my way down the length. Mmmm ---- up and down in my mouth -- sucking and so wet. My hands moved to play with your balls, stroking, squeezing till I could feel you getting tighter. I applied more pressure and increased my mouths suction over that silken smooth skin. You pushed harder against me - grabbing my hair. I could feel you tighten and then you exploded in my mouth - warm, salty, cum filling my mouth. I licked my way way back up your body letting you recover and just enjoy the sensations. Then I leaned in to give you a nice salty kiss of shared pleasure. I knew we were only getting started and I was so damn horny from giving the blowjob. I could feel I was on the edge of my own orgasm. You backed me up to the bed and said 'Lie down and open yourself for me'.

I'd do anything I was so horny. You reached over and got my favorite little toy - my jack rabbit vibrator. Then you layed down on the bed with me, positioning yourself so you could use the vibrator and your head near my breasts. Your fingers checked my wetness - one finger then two and moving in and out to tease me. The you switched and started pushing the head of the vibrator inside. So wet and so easy. You positioned the little bunny on my clitoris and then slid the variable control to slow so the head would start turning inside me. It felt so good and so wicked to have someone else playing with my toy on me. It increased my excitement. Then you leaned over and started sucking on my nipples and biting them and as you did this you slid the variable control on the jack rabbit that started it to vibrate against my clitoris. My mind had wandered and was in this place where the pleasure was so intense and so wonderful. You increased the rotating head and I started to moan in ecstacy. I was going to explode - the sensations too much - I could feel it. My breasts were tightening, I bore down on the vibrator and my hand gripped the bed as my back arched and the orgasm exploded inside of me. My insides were shuddering and my muscles out of control. It lasted some time before I could feel my body again. Then you switched off the controls. I had to take a moment or two to recover from
the intensity. Then I leaned on my side, propping myself up with my arm and said 'Come here'. You scooted up and we kissed. Gentle, lovely, sweet and full of our shared pleasures and these precious stolen moments.

I pulled back and with that disheveled look and smile said 'What now?'. You laughed. .. always enjoying my insatiability and my carefree attitude. So you took my hand and said 'I seem to remember something about a steamy shower and hot skin'. Ahhh....another one of my fantasies.

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