i struggled with reality  

guilford2006 69M
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4/2/2006 4:58 am
i struggled with reality

and i am proud to say i won out over it. that is a rough quote from elwood p. dowd played best by jimmy stewart in "harvey". remember the 6 foot tall white rabbit. i think he (the bunny) was a martini drinker. anyway. i had a bizarre chat. my reality or my pre-existing reaction patterns precluded my doing what the woman wanted, but the lady seemed to me from the outset to be so hurt, so bitter, that whatever she offered was some sort of punishment to herself. self-flagellation. on this site there are people who may be into this sort of role-playing, but, jeez, this ain't playing. this is not oh, i've been very bad now spank me bare bum. this woman wanted to use men as weapons for some petite emotional suicide. grim. i could not imagine that. where is the fun. it does not have to be all lovey-dovey, but, wow, it does have to be happy in some fashion. don't fall in love, but, at least, be in like with me. please.

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