eve as married person  

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4/1/2006 5:51 am

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eve as married person

i had a nice lady ask me yesterday what is my policy on married women. i did not have a neat reply to that, because, in fact, i had no policy. i had never thought about it until, oh, yesterday. now i am thinking. my mode of mulling a thing is disjointed and circuituous at best. add excitement to it and it leaves the tracks entirely. but i digress. the image of eve and the garden of eden story come quickly to mind. i love the story. it is the best story ever. possibly the only story with all other stories being facets of it or derivative. one aspect is that when one gains some certain knowledge one is damned to have that knowledge. when you know a thing you cannot no know it. the old saying is you cannot un-ring a bell. so to try to fit that template into a marital mold. let's say marriage is the garden of eden and at one time long ago and far away for most of us it was a dewy time of love forever and no one else but you. suddenly we find ourselves here and cannot remember how we were ever so young and naive. the question then arises what to do, if anything. and that is where we start seeing how that one tree right over there has the most drippingly good looking fruit just hanging there. just in reach. and no one is around. no one will know. do you reach? each of us decides one way or another. if you reach you are no longer in that garden. my take is that there really is an angel with a flaming sword (simply because i really like that image) but it is not an external thing. it is in your head and you have to figure whether you can live with it before you reach. and another aspect is that the serpent really is wisest and you really do not die. something does die but not you. and finally, adam does take it and eat it and it is good. damn good. and adam always eats it and what he does not know at the time of that feasting is how much it will cost. adam, you will remember, suddenly see she is nekkid. well, hello lady. fetching fashion you got today. and that is delicious too.so, then, my policy on married women is kind of amorphous but it is somewhere along those lines.

bluegirl39 51F

4/1/2006 8:43 am

good post...kinda my thought on married men..the apple may look good but it may cost someone somthing..not death but something else..I never eat of that tree

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