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4/10/2006 4:08 am

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i think the very apotheosis (love that word. as faulkerian as it gets) of difference between men mars and women venus speak is "attractive". women want it to say a thing that is pretty. men think about delivering the male. women spend time on the eyelashes that men never notice. women have closets full of sweaters and really care about whether this is the right color for the day and their own special look. men see tits and wish the sweater were out of the way and can't remember what color it was anyway. women want to be attractive only of a chivalric response from upscale guys. they get get catcalls and whistles from working guys. i love watching women get their hair to fall just right here and kind of brush it over so it is perfect. meanwhile there is a steady galeforce wind howling outside and it will whip all hair straight up in seconds. guys talk about how that one looks good and how they'll like to yadda yadda. the women want to make sure they dont look too hippy and want to be noticed but not noticed that way. what does this look say about me. am i a smart and with it and together person. guys see a krispy kreme sign that says "hot donuts now". i love it. what a fun dance.

twistedcopper5 64F
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4/10/2006 5:53 am

This old no makeup..don't care if my hair is in place, tie dyed hippie, who is "hippy" and could care less (most of the time), never see me in high heels or wear brand names, says.............Good morning! I want a doughnut.

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