Fun on guam  

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8/24/2006 4:16 am
Fun on guam

Well I know it's been some time that we have posted anything in here and we are glad to say that we have been able to meet some new friends and got to spend time with some old friends and it has been nothing but good times.
We were glad that we got to go to the second meet and greet even thought we did not get to have fun that night but maybe some people just want to make sure we are the kinda people that are ok with the life style.
But then it is hard when some people hold a persons past against them when NO one knows the truth but the people involved in it but thats ok we do not judge anyone based on their past cause we do not care about it we are just here for some great fun.
Well now it was really messed up that there was no meet and greet for the month of AUG but lets face it weather has a way of messing up plans no matter what you want to do but it's ok still went out had a great time with friends that wanted to meet some new people after all was said and done we all had a great night and would love to have more of that night.
Some of our new friends have been members of AdultFriendFinder for some time but they did not want to come out and let other people know that this is a good life and they are just waitting for the next meet and greet.
To our friends that know us and have fun with us when we all get together even if it is just to drinks some beers and watch TV and have a great dinner and you all know who you are hope to have many more like that and to the people we have not met due to one thing or another it's ok maybe some day we will all meet up and see that we are all nice people out for the samr thing and that is friendship in and out of the bedrooms.
Well if we do have an M&G for september hope to see you all out there and remember we are all out for fun and a good time so until then take care to all on guam...

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