Time for action  

gsmiley6 57M
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4/6/2006 9:13 am
Time for action

Hey everybody! Well the few that read this anyway. This week began with me celebrating the birthday of my son. All went well with a good time had by all. Then I was approached by my ex gf about having sex. I don't know what she is doing. She tells me she needs to be with a woman to be happy but she needs the penetration that she gets from me. Has my usefulness been reduced to being a dick? I still love this woman deeply and still hold on to the hope she may return. At first this was just a mid-life crisis, needing time to find herself, time to explore her Bi side to see if she truly was Gay. Now it has become her need to be free. If you ask me time to be free from me. There is bitterness creeping in my thoughts. I don't like the feeling that I feel everyday. The time for action is fast approaching. Time to end the thoughts of her returning and move on. Having said that it is sooooo hard to let go of this one. We were very close, I shared my most intimate thoughts and desires with her, She told about her past demons. the things that she still can't deal with. I wrote a question and posted it in the magazine for advice. it was split about whether to fuck her or not. Many of the responses were right on time and I thank each for there input. tho the time to act is at hand I find my self lacking the motivation. I know dragging my feet will only heighten the pain but still I feel no need to act. i can't spend anymore energy on this I need to move on.

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