Hump day!  

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5/17/2006 6:39 am

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Hump day!

Rolled over early this morning onto some very hard wood! I had a little something set up for this past weekend but had to call it off. My ex pulled a very effective cock block! Beeeeotch! Then had the nerve to promise to take care of my needs, fuck and suck me until I was exhausted, but she was a no show! While I have three vehicles, two work trucks and a chevy S-10, I had no ride to meet the couple I was suppose to meet. I called to cancel feeling much regret. The ex realized she had caused this by using my trucks to move. Seems she set it up with my son while I was out of town. When I talked to her about giving up a truck she made the above commitment if I let her finish. Being a fool for the freaky, kinky, little wench I agreed. So here is the real dilemma, the weekend is long behind me, my sons have returned from the trip they took, I have wood soooo hard a cat couldn't scratch it, and it is hump day. Let me see if I can spin this until I can handle it alittle better. I'm half way to another weekend, love my sons soo it is good they had a safe trip, I just love to grip wood this hard, and hump day is always a good day.
It always feels good to get pent up bullshit off your chest. Now I can lean back in my chair let the sunlight flooding in through my window bath my hard cock in warmth. I guess I find simple things can provide the purest pleasure. The view out the window isn't great, just the garage and trees. But there is a hole in the canopy of foliage that allows the sun to beam in on my lap as I sit in my computer chair. It doesn't last long maybe an hour. I try to be up for it every morning, naked, morning wood standing tall and the key board near by. This morning it feels especially erotic. Leaned back looking at how hard and tall it stands today. Like the mighty oak it resists falling over though it moves gently as my heart pulses. Crowned with a shinny helmet and a clear ,glistening drop of precum. The sun is casting a shadow across the floor making it look like it is a roman column.
Being alone has draw backs but feeling sexual pleasure isn't one of them. This morning I will make love to myself. I will tease, please, and stroke, this hard wood until it gives up it's sweet nectar. Until I lose my grip on the edge and sink into that pool of pleasure.
Well I hope everybody has a great hump day!


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